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This is the out of character spot to express all your most inner personal thoughts. For example...

Han shot first!
Found some of the other books. I will look through the core rulebook and come up with a character concept during the week. I will also try and recruit a few other players (GM Marvel for one.)

Am I correct in seeing that I am the first to show interest on RPGAddicts? Just wondering if I could possibly step on any toes with my character concept?
Actually Ramen was the first, then another member called Regrix. You hold the title of first poster! thanks Big Grin
With one potential member not logging in for nearly a month, a second missing for nearly two weeks and another seemingly not having time in the last several weeks to come up with a concept, I'd gladly volunteer to play two characters to get the group up and running. I already have a second character concept and build nearly finished for a Force-Using Scout 4.
I'll consider it. I'll wait a week then begin the game. We can add players as the story moves along. In the mean time, what site do you prefer for making rolls?
I've been using Unseen servant http://unseenservant.com/default.asp?do=roll and quite like it.  It allows you to creare an account, and multiple characters within that account. It also let's GMs create campaign codes that players then associate their characters to, so when a character makes a roll it associates it to the campaign. It also lets you create macros for characters.
I personally prefer IC (Invisible Castle) if they are up and running. I tried US several years ago at the insistence of a friend who praised it. I found US to be clunky and extremely time consuming to create a macro of every weapon and situation a character needs to roll for in a campaign.
Invisible Castle unfortunately is gone. Even before it died completely there was no ability to create new accounts on it for over a year now.
I created an account on Unseen Servant. It's between that and roll20 for me, which seems nice but complicated. I like simple. When I looked into invisible castle I got adware popups on my computer. I didn't trust my guts when I saw the warning signs... I should have waited for your post Vytking!!
Roll20 works for me as well because I'm used to it. I am a DM on there of a weekly game that has been running since June 2013. https://app.roll20.net/users/189436/darcy-o
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