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[IC] Chapter 2-2: The Seven
As the sun disappears behind the tall houses around the main square the ring of clerics, protected by a double ring of guardsmen, gradually increase their incantation in volume. The low voices meld into a simple flowing song (OOC - imagine something Gregorian here) and then become the rumbling of sea waves crushing against cliffs. Shadows become long and creep up all the walls until the whole square is illuminated by no more than scarcely scattered stars on the blue velvet canopy of the evening sky. As if night fell faster than it should, though none of the company call Sea Jewel their home, so it may be the normal passage of time around this part of the multiverse.

Just right around the same spot where the previous party returned from the Sea of Hate, a new gate opens, and looks pretty much the same as the previous one. For Shanna, though, this is the first time to see the swirling cylinder of scintillating lights, some five feet in diameter and ten feet in height. Everything else is dark but some catch the glint of a particular pair of eyes, staring encouragingly towards the party. They belong to Maul the Gray, or his protective goggles, to be more exact.

As the chant turns into a crescendo, sung in six tones; female and male alike; a faint feeling of nausea assaults those staring straight into the cylinder.

"Now is the time!" you can see Geddin shouting in a feeble attempt to overcome the choir that turns into the roaring of storm-swept seas, but interestingly enough, you can actually hear the words, as if spoken by a calm, female voice. You can hear the words as if they were said in the deaf silence of a library.

The heroes of tomorrow feel the urge to cross and one by one, they enter the cylinder of light. As the last of the seven disappears in the light the cylinder stops twirling and the priestly choir resumes its previous silent incantation.

"Gods speed you back," Geddin mutters in the sudden silence as Maul approaches the cylinder and throws something into the light, just before it stops completely.

Then, bells are struck off, crying fire alarm into the city night. Dozens of feet rush along the streets and orders are shouted all around. More squads rush in various directions and the orders shouted, the screams of distant men, the cries of trumpets and horns, are all but suppressed by the agonizing wail of the bells all around the city, turn into a cacophony of chaos. The smell of burning wood penetrates the houses and wrinkles the nose of those on the streets.

Chapter closed - Continued in Chapter 2-3: Safe Haven

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