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[IC] Chapter 2-3: Safe Haven
Time and Weather: Cozy warm twilight. Or maybe dawn. The sun looks red, as if disappearing behind the horizon, or the contrary, rising once again. So it may be the dawn of a summer day or a nice late spring / early autumn evening.
Present: All PCs: Giant, Lugar, Merri, Portho, Shanna, Toot (and Boo), Torin.

The party of seasoned adventurers accompanied by a new member, a researcher of secrets, exit the twirling column of light to find themselves on the shore of a small lake. The roughly oval lake is about 200 yards by 150 yards in diameter, and is formed by the river which arrives from a cliff to the north, in the form of a waterfall about 30 yards high, and resumes its flow on the far side of the lake, lazily curving to the south. The small river splits the surrounding sylvan forest in two, and apparently the place the party arrived to is a place for the local fauna to sate their thirst: most undergrowth is stomped into nothingness in about ten yards from the shore, followed by another fifty yards of emerald grass, and only then giving way to the oak forest.

As the party encompasses the view, Portho feels something hitting his ankle. Instinctively raising his leg, he looks there while fumbling for his sword but the only thing he can see is a pair of goggles on a leather thong. The gnome realises it to be Maul's.

All of a sudden, the cylinder of light stops swirling and those who've been through the previous gate realise fast enough that this is something new.
[OoC the goggles are tangled around Portho's ankle? or just lying on the ground?]
(03-23-2017, 03:45 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: Time: Summer night, close to midnight.
Present: All PCs: Giant, Lugar, Merri, Portho, Shanna, Toot (and Boo), Torin.

All of a sudden, the cylinder of light stops swirling and those who've been through the previous gate realise fast enough that this is something new.

OOC - Summer? We have left spring, haven't we?

Hey! What's wrong with this cylinder? Can we go back? Is it works?
Where are we? This is nice place not as previous.

He looks for track but there are no tracks Smile [1d20+5] = 1+5 = 6 survival/track
Lugar was thankful that the cylinder of light disappeared at first, until he realized they were cutoff from escape.  The bright swirling light hurt is eyes and gave him a headache.  The cautious dwarf took in the view, it reminded him of the time he spent with the dancing priestesses, then he looked to the sky to see if there was a full moon.  

The priestesses danced naked under the moonlight in worship of Elestraee, it was beautiful and liberating to watch for a grey dwarf like Lugar, though he had snuck out to do so. He could have been killed but it was worth it.  Getting back to the situation Lugar draws his new mithril axe.  "Alright, get yourselves ready.  I don't care how nice this piss-pond looks, no one is dying here.  Got it!"  He looks at Merri specifically.  

Lugar looks around 360 degrees to get his bearings and look for anything interesting.  ((Does Lugar notice SG tracking but not in his usual keen eyed form?))  He spots the waterfall, wondering whether the water was hiding a cave.  Water was great at carving out caverns, given enough time.  "Lets look around that waterfall."
Shanna turns to see the column of light fading and thinks Oh, that's fascinating...

She takes a long look at it, to try and decipher if she can recognize any of the mystical working behind it...

Spellcraft: [1d20+17] = 6+17 = 23, Know (arcana): [1d20+17] = 15+17 = 32


As the group enters the lake region, Shanna takes a long look around to see if she can ascertain what plane they might be on.

Know(planes): [1d20+15] = 19+15 = 34
OOC1 - ALL - fixed time above, it's twilight, not night. And no way to know if it's summer, only that it's nice weather.
OOC2 - @Portho Nihilbuck - it's just lying there, as if someone dropped it at his feet.
OOC3 - @Silent Giant - Yes, it was spring.
OOC4 - @Lugar - the light is not gone; it just stopped twirling around.
OOC5 - @Shanna Rendin - no on-the-fly rolls please. Those can't be tracked and thus they will be discarded. I rerolled for you this time and almost got the same result...

Shanna cannot recognise the workings of the column of light but it seems to be the one Geddin referred to as "kind of" conjuration. The closest resemblance is Prismatic Wall.

Giant stalks around, looking for tracks, until finally he picks up a pair of large humanoid boots. He starts following them, failing to realise that he walks around in circles on his own tracks.

Lugar looks around and spots the full moon on the horizon opposite to the Sun. So it's either the sun setting when the moon is already up, or the sun rising when the moon is still on the sky. Just the perfect moment for naked priestly dance.
Lugar can see that Giant is far from his usual business form, looking for clues everywhere the party has already treaded upon.

Shanna looks around to ascertain the planar characteristics.
Lifting her palm to face the wind, picking up a pebble and throwing it at some distance, hopping in place...
This place has a gravity lighter than what she's used to. Her hands were too easy to lift, the pebble flew too far.
But at least the pebble did fly, meaning that the morphic of the plane is alterable (OOC - you can manipulate objects native to this plane)
The strange constellation of sun and full moon ring a bell but she cannot put her fingers on the pulse of this reality to name a plane.

Toot notices that Boo is distracted by something in the waves. Maybe just the reflections of the sun and moon but they seem to keep him mesmerised.

The jermlaine spots some faint lights bobbing lazily through the air in the distance, maybe half a mile away, above the trees. If they were fireflies they must be at least as big as Toot. Lanterns?
SG changes his weapon (axe->bow).
(03-24-2017, 07:37 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC2 - @Portho Nihilbuck - it's just lying there, as if someone dropped it at his feet.

Portho bends down and picks up the goggles.

"Hey now? What would these be doing here?"

Portho quickly examines the goggles to see ifr teher is any special properties or knowledge he might have of them.

[Bardic Knowledge [1d20+12] = 9+12 = 21]
OOC - deleted two posts because those are based on spoilers that went awry. Please ignore.
Portho recognises it as Maul's goggles of darkvision.

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