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Entry Cavern
Cin takes a moment to examine the robot, doors and other objects from an engineering perspective. Perhaps there was some bit of information that would help Cin determine how the builders of this robot might go about designing it and where the most logical place they would put access points into the construct. Cin will do this for all the mechanical objects, such as the door if it's mechanical.

[Knowledge Engineering: +6; Techno bonus included for understanding Technological devices from the Local ties Trait.]

If she learns no helpful information, Cin will just stand guard. Readying her action to shoot any hostile creature that attempts to attack the group.
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Reawyn can't make sense of the lock.  It requires some electrical component currently beyond his skill.

The cards look like they should fit the slots on the door.  An engineer roll from the same can ID the other devices.
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[]OoC reminder that Reawyn has Technologist feat, he can apply ALL his skills to Technological items.]

[Knowledge (Engineering) +5 [1d20+5] = 11+5 = 16]
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[Knowledge Engineering (technology) +6; Result 18]
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(I couldn't remember and was having too many connection issues to check.)

Reawyn puts 2 and 2 together and uses one of the cards to easily open the door.

The next room is a little 5x10 with another door directly across. There is nothing to indicate any life within the machines here.

Two strange machines sit to the north and south against the
walls here, their faces appear similar to coils of metal tubes with
several nozzle-like protrusions pointing into the room itself.
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"Well if nozzles capable of spraying liquid or fire or something else does not scream trap, then nothing will.. let me examine this thoroughly bfore we set foot in there."

He examines the floors for any sign of trigger. [Perception: trapfinding +6 [1d20+6] = 3+6 = 9]

"All clear!"

[OoC lol sorry guys]
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OOC - Lol!  Not trying to metagame here but, Taijun is pretty wise and might realize that we aren't in any immediate danger so there should be no rush when looking for traps or anything else when we could take the time for everyone's safety.  Sooo, if needed I'll make a wisdom to check just in case it was called for and offer some advice if I couldSmile

[url=Wisdom check,[1d20+4] = 4+4 = 8]Wisdom Check[/url] Lol, yup sounds good to me!
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