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Entry Cavern
Ursk sighs as the  last of the bugs is dispatched. He uses the sand and water to wipe off the beetles' gore from his axe, then continues to reassemble his gear. As he does, he spares a glance at the tall folk. "All okay? Beetles bite anyone? Weyna okay?"
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Weyna smiles faintly at Ursk, trying to keep her sunny disposition. But she looks a little pale. She kicks a beetle out of the way and sits down, adjusting her wet gear so it can dry quicker, and hoping she feels better soon.
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Seeing that the battle is over, Cin stops rushing.  She pulls her wet, long, black hair over one shoulder and asks for someone to stand with their back to her so she can change with some semblance of privacy.  Cin then wrings out her undergarments, shakes them out while mumbling something about needing to have thought this out better and how she should have bought an extra set of clothes.  Once she dries everything out as best she can, she pulls her armor out of the water protected sack it was tuck in and puts it on.  When finished, Cin steps out from behind the back of whomever was protecting her modest and says, "Thank you friend."  Then to everyone else she smiles and adds, "I'm ready whenever you are."
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After taking a couple minutes to try not to throw up, Weyna finishes fixing up her gear, then glances over at Cin wringing out her clothes. Being in a cave, Weyna thinks that's probably a good idea. There is less need for clothing covering your skin to protect from the sometimes harsh sun of the wasteland. So Weyna strips down to her chest band and undies, wringing out her clothes and hanging them off her pack to dry. She puts her tattered skirt back on, but remains with just the band of cloth across her chest, her lack of modesty illustrating once again that she is not from a "civilized" culture. Her Kellid lineage is really showing through.

Finally ready, she nods to Cin.
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Reawyn, his back to Cin, digs through his pack and gets his alchemical gear out of the waterproof sacks. He takes a minute to remove his armour, then wring out his padded undergarment.
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Seeing the glowing beetles Reawyn looks thoughtful, then approaches one of the corpses and draws out his dagger.

He begins carvong off one of the glowing glands.

[Knowledge(nature) +8  Take 10 = 18]

"Not as bright as a torch, but these will give us each steady light for a long time."

Quote:Luminescence (Ex)

A fire beetle’s glowing glands provide light in a 10-foot radius. A dead fire beetle’s luminescent glands continue to glow for 1d6 days after its death.
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(04-04-2017, 04:38 AM)Man in Black Wrote: The tunnel opens up to a large cavern with a beach.  The air smells of mold and vinegar, but isn't poisonous.  Dampness hangs in the air of this cave, condensing into heavy moisture on the slick, stone walls. The calm, dark waters wind around to the east up north, along a stony, soot-scarred beach. A five-foot-high ledge sporting several stalagmites rises to the east, beyond which a low-ceilinged cave beckons.
As the women change clothes (questions of modesty completely lost on the dwarf who's spent his life as a slave) and Raewyn goes to chopping up beetle guts, Ursk finishes his preparations, secures the last of his armor, and examines the ledge to the east.

He grunts. "Climb ledge or keep swimming?"

OOC: Do we need climb checks or at just 5' can we assume we make it with enough time?
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Kayla resets her equipment and drains her boots. She had been caught in the rain many times before, and knew that without completely changing clothes, she was going to be wet no matter what else she tried. As long as she didn't get any of this sand rubbing her skin, she figured she would be good to go.

She stands next to the dwarf and looks at the small ledge, then begins a scan of the cavern and the ledge and anything else she could see, looking for signs of the former group's passage.
Perception [1d20+8] = 17+8 = 25 (+1 vs traps)
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(04-30-2017, 01:19 PM)Ursk Wrote: Ursk sighs as the  last of the bugs is dispatched. He uses the sand and water to wipe off the beetles' gore from his axe, then continues to reassemble his gear. As he does, he spares a glance at the tall folk. "All okay? Beetles bite anyone? Weyna okay?"

Taijun slings his bow over his shoulder and retrieves the torch he left on the ground.  "I'm okay, urp, but those beetles seemed to like your taste Ursk." He jests, hoping to lift everyone's spirits, while still feeling the effects of the toxic water himself.  Under the glow of the torch everyone looked a little green in the face except the stout dwarf. The water tasted like poison and it was a wonder anyone would venture here more than once.  Seeing Reawyn gather the glowing guts of the large beetles, Taijun expresses his admiration.  "Good idea.  If we are lucky, any more beetles we encounter might mistake us for one of them as well."  

Taijun then looks for signs or tracks left by Khonir in the tunnel ahead. "Can anyone follow tracks?"

Perception = 15
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Chrome walked over to retrieve his dagger and reallocate it at his side, the beetles not causing the same intellectual interest in him as they had for Reawyn who seemed to offer the beetles as a makeshift light source. With a shrug, he reallocated the magical light, shining bright as a torch, to his garments he was wearing. Then taking a page from everyone else, started to wring them out best he could without disrobing like Weyna. He certainly averted his gaze from her, not embarrassed of or for her but merely offering some level of modesty to her though she seemed to lack it entirely. "Feels like i already want to turn around and take a shower." He silently said, to nobody in particular. Not as perceptive as those around him, he waited for them to take the initiative. Though he figured they'd be climbing, as it didn't make sense to put armor back on just to get back in the water. He wondered why it was a question, actually.

Looking to the dwarf, he decided to brooch a subject he'd considered midway through the fight, but didn't speak up as not to distract the dwarf. "Ursk. If there's ever a time in the future where we aren't crammed in a small space, i have studied a magic that may be of interest. A spell that, for a short time, nearly doubles your size in each dimension. A great boost to power and reach, if not a little bit bigger a target yourself." He offered. He wasn't the type to simply use his magic on an ally that changed their being without their consent.
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