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[IC] Finding Benjamin
Not really enthused by the responses from the others Malcolm nevertheless waits for James to catch up to him in the tunnel, then follows Belladonna.
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James Carter sticks to Malcontent like a fly on shit!  "No worries, I'm right behind ya big fella." James says encouragingly, as his jowls jiggle a bit. He felt safer somehow  beside the diminutive mutant.
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You both take a left at the intersection and you're immediately confronted by a group of dirty looking mutants who not all look entirely human.  The young teen who introduced herself to you as Belladonna begins to introduce you to her friends.  One looks like a 7' tall humanoid earth elemental she calls Rumble; another one looked like just a grey featureless humanoid shape called Blank; another elf-like individual has blue/white skin with large black eyes, who she introduces as Creeper...

[Image: attachment.php?aid=30]

And lastly she introduces you to a young teenage girl who she calls, Psi-Jack.

[Image: 63048fa04499b1e8ea49efe6bcbd44b5.png]
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