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[IC] Finding Benjamin
November 28
Bright but chilly morning.

  • Gedeon
  • Malcolm
  • James
  • Katrina
  • Balista 

Interface searches the School's computers and then downloads a map to the Morlock tunnels to everyone's phones.  Then once everyone in the group is ready, Blink teleports you one by one to downtown Manhattan.

You appear in a deserted back ally that Blink has been to on one of the school trips.  Both ends of the alley is open so you can exit either to the north or south.  When you check the map, the enterance to the Morlock tunnel is to the north.  Blink will then remind everyone she needs to see her destination to teleport there so you must facetime her if you need to return home.  She will then wave goodbye and vanish in a cloud of tiny sparkles.
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Ooc - We left in the school uniform? Where's my super suit?

"Whoa, what a neat power.  If I could do that i'd never be late to school!" James gushes over Blink's mutant power.  Focusing on the task at hand James looks down at the map on his cell phone, pushing his glasses back up his nose.  "I think we go that way." 
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Trevor looks over James' shoulder at his phone.  "Looks about right," he says with little confidence.  "I'm not very good with maps."  He then looks to everyone else and says, "James here says we go North so that's good enough for me.  Lets go.  Maybe if we're quick we can get back in time to help the others with finding Jerk... I mean Jack."
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Kat glances at the map, but the moment there's a hint of uncertainty, she looks north, then a red glow comes out of her mouth, and glowing cracks appear in her skin. Her eyes, also glowing red, are quickly covered in inky blackness.

((Using Geoforce to try to sense where a tunnel might intersect with the surface.))
Geoforce - Remarkable [1d100] = 34
((That's a white result. Pretty sure that means no luck.))
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James catches himself staring at Katrina, jaw dropped at the sudden transformation as she uses her powers.
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Malcom nods at James after a cursory glance at his own phone.

"Th..that w..way it is." he nods towards the north where James is pointing.

Without waiting for the others he starts walking in that direction, not moving so quickly they cannot catch up. But not exactly waiting patiently.

"G..gedeon, d..do you know anything ab..bout these M..morlocks?"
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You follow the map about two blocks north.  It's a bit chilly today but the sky is clear so the sun helps to hold off the cold.  Soon you arrive at your destination.  It's a manhole cover in the middle of the street.  You all groan and wonder, how you're going to get into the sewer without anyone seeing you.  Thankfully it's not too busy in this area (especially at night, just how the Morlocks like it) so it's just a matter of dealing with a half dozen people who might see you and perhaps an occasional car.
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[OoC How busy is the street? how well lit? Any vehickles driving along it? Any open businesses? Windows?]
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Well as I said, the sky is clear and the sun is out. It's before lunch so at the moment there are about 6 people. Four seem to be window shopping and the other two are walking together, on your side of the street toward you. A car drives by your ally about once every 1 to 10 turns. All the business are open and all have windows.

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James looks around and sees Malcolm doing the same.  He feels nervous, not to mention uncomfortable, about entering the sewers.  He fidgets with his clothes and glasses.  "Sewers are big interlocking systems.  Maybe there's another way, one that isn't right in the middle of the streets?"   He tries to look at the map on his phone and work out an alternative... James is not a sewage expert.

[url=[1d100] = 17 reason]Reason[/url]
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