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(02-26-2017, 09:15 PM)Weyna Wrote: Weyna and her family was probably in Torch once a year, growing up, for about week or so, to resupply. Her parents weren't with them anymore after age 10. When her family came by last year, she wasn't with them. If anyone asked, her family would have mentioned some kind of quest.

Kayla would at least recognize Weyna, if not have developed some kind of friendship with a girl about her age over the years. They could have some fond memories of trading fantastic stories of the wonders of the road that the young believe are true.

Over the past several years, as they grew into young women, their bond strengthened over shared sorrows and joys, but they always shared a love for the road and new stories.

(Whaddya think? Smile )
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Sounds good.
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I am finding the developments of the Copper Coin thread absolutely adorable.

*remains blissfully oblivious*
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Sorry about being a bit absent. Been really sick the past couple of days. I'll get everything updated now. So far I haven't seen any problems with character sheets. If I do, I will let you know.
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Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Some nasty bugs going around where I live, too. Feel better soon.
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Loving this. Going to sit on my hands to give Weyna and Eva a chance to respond, too.
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(02-28-2017, 08:27 PM)Weyna Wrote: I am finding the developments of the Copper Coin thread absolutely adorable.

*remains blissfully oblivious*

Big Grin  - Yeah - you guys are nailin' it!!
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Weyna is catching a bus home right now. Be online in 30-45 minutes.
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I apologize for not having my gunslinger completed yet.  I have been extraordinarily busy.  I seem to have today just for myself so I hope to get caught up with all my online and RL D&D stuff.  Crosses fingers!!
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I'm still working on my Gunslinger.  Gawd, I sometimes hate being so indecisive.  Confused  

I have a question about craft skills.  Can we use them during character creation?  Just for our own character's use of course.  I'm not interested in creating a ton of stuff to just run off to the market to sell the first chance I get.   Tongue  The way I've handled this in my games is to assume every roll is a Take 10 and then you add your skill rank.  So you can create anything of that skill rank or lower.  For example, if you had a Craft Arms and Armor of 5 (Take 10+5= DC15) would mean you could craft any armor of AC 5 and lower for a reduced price.  

To me it would make sense that if a character had these skills he would use them rather than running out and buying armor someone else someone has made.

My character actually has Craft (Alchemy) but I used the Craft Armorer example because it was more straight forward.
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