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Just a spot for general talk or questions that have no other spot.
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Are there any openings in this game?
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Possibly. Depends on how much of the interest turns into actual characters. I'll know for sure in a few days.
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Looking like a fair amount, and most of it tilting towards a few types of characters.
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In the event a character application is approved, do I set up an alias or alternate account? With abbreviated stats in a signature block? Just trying to figure out how it's handled here as compared to the Paizo PbP boards. Thanks!
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I better start compiling a list to see what we have going on already. Depending on how many I actually get, I'll either beef up the encounters or run two separate groups.

So here you would make an alternate account. There is an easy account switch feature here to help keep it simple. As far as the signatures go, I like to see some often used info like attacks, saves, current ability/magical effects. I see some with a wealth of information. Do me a favor and use the spoiler tag to compress it a bit. Maybe leave combat stuff up and put skills and other stuff in their own spoiler.
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Thanks. Hard for me to do any serious formatting while I'm at work (on an iPhone) but I should be able to make an account for Ursk this weekend. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about his submission. Happy to tweak it or submit something else entirely.
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Psychics get shit for cash, and a nomad would have a better kit. So I'm gonna say Weyna is in Torch because her kit got stolen, so she working in Torch until she has gear to travel again.

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Oh, and I look forward to interactions between Weyna and Ursk. Wink

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To make sure everyone knows my intentions, I do plan to make up a gunslinger for this game.  I should have a character completed soon
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