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[IC] A Stolen Land
"I mean, maybe instead of passing the weapons around preparing for a fight we should put them all in one pack, to not anger them as we pass through their home."  He looks at Happs and Eran considering something as his brow furls more than usual.  "Maybe they can tell us of the bandits if we can get on their good side, does anyone have any sweets?"
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Eran turns to Vidar: - We don't know anything about them and we are just guessing that they are friendly feys so I vote against to your plan.
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"I do not think it wise to place our weapons in a sack.  If we encountered an evil fey we would struggle to retrieve our only defense.  We could find ourselves defeated before one of us were armed.  I suggest a compromise.  Along with hiding our weapons from view, I have spell that can alter the appearance of our cold iron weapons so the material they're made from is not so apparent."  Nex pulls out a cold iron crossbow bolt and begins to chant a spell while making gentle rolling motions with fingers.  The bolt suddenly makes minor changes in both color and sheen until they look less like cold iron and more like silver or some other color if they preferred.  "What do you think?," Nexendia asks.  Each casting lasts an hour and I can renew the alterations at will."

[Casting Prestidigitation to make the alterations in color and appearance of the cold iron components of the weapons.]

[Knowledge nature +9; Result: 28; Well that's good.  It would suck to be and Elf and be Noble Born from House Medvyed and not know anything about Fey. ]
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(Yesterday, 10:06 PM)Nexendia Wrote: "I do not think it wise to place our weapons in a sack.  

I agree, lady. - He gives her his cold iron kama to disguise it.
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