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[IC] A Stolen Land
[Image: charter.jpg]


After spending barely a month in Restov, you are quite surprised to be approached by a regal, if exceptionally stressed-looking, diplomatic courier who knows you by name, but asks you just to verify.  After waiting scarcely a few seconds to hear your response, he withdraws a scrollcase from his attache satchel, nods his head to you, then backs away and disappears back into the crowd, leaving you slightly baffled.  Upon opening the case, you find three scrolls of fine vellum.  One of these scrolls contains the above official governmental message.  Another scroll is a small, but very accurate map detailing directions from Restov to the Greenbelt with Oleg's Trading Post being very easy to decipher as a major point of interest in the region.  The final scroll contains an easy-to-read spell called Mount.  This spell will only last for a few hours, exactly enough time for you to reach Oleg's Trading Post.  Without much in the way of options, it would appear that you have been drafted by the government of Restov, a government to which you may or may not hold allegiance, to perform a service that they cannot be bothered to perform themselves.  Everyone whom you ask about "the Greenbelt" simply refers to it as "The Stolen Lands."  Oleg's Trading Post seems to be at the northern border of the frontier.

((OOC:  Welcome to Kingmaker!  You are all currently in Brevoy, the capital of Restov, and have all received your charge to lead a survey and exploration expedition into the wilderness known of as "The Stolen Lands."  If you wish to begin this quest immediately, you merely need to cast the Mount spell and ride off.  But if you wish to, you may spend some time in town gathering some last-minute supplies and interacting with each other, getting acquainted.  You'll be spending a lot of time with each other, after all.  There is a tavern close by called The Silver Skeleton.))
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Andra sits in The Silver Skeleton, drinking her ale and reading over the parchment again. She'd had a somewhat eventful week. After a night of carousing, she happened to meet a pair of brothers from the north, one of which claimed to be some kind of soothsayer. On more of a lark than anything, she and her friends gave it a go. Nothing much of interest came up for her friends. For herself, on the other hand, it was a different story. The seer claimed that her fate was somehow intertwined with that of the brothers, and informed her that they would stay with her until this fate revealed itself. OF course, she objected. I t sounded more like a scam than anything. But they had chased her around the city for the whole week, nary giving her a moment's piece. The guards had detained them at the gates to her family's estate of course, but there they had sat, awaiting her return.

So she'd jumped the fence, and headed to the tavern. And wouldn't you know it, she's alone for two seconds when a herald cornered her with this missive. So there she sits, drinking her ale and pondering the strange timing. She knows the family would be happy to be rid of her. Too many daughters is expensive. Either a monastery or dead from "adventuring," it's good enough for them, as long as they don't have to pay for another dowry, as if it's somehow her fault they couldn't stop f-... breeding. She isn't interested in marrying anytime soon anyway, and a monastery wouldn't suit her.

Perhaps the Northern brothers would be handy after all. If it is a scam, they'll back out of this.

She smirks slightly to herself.
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OOC - @DM there are some misunderstanding between your post and the pathfinderwiki Brevoy
  • Brevoy is the nation name
  • Restov is a free city
  • The capitol name is New Stetven
These are just mistakes or your kingmaker campaign are running in a different reality?


Eran goes into the tavern orders an ale and sits in a quite corner. He gets out the scroll - casts a Detect Magic spell - and examines it, tries to find out the caster level? It is an arcane scroll, a divine scroll, an unique universal scroll (arcane&divine) or much more unique which can be used by mundane persons also?
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[[OOC: If you could post your ooc stuff in the OOC thread, that'd be awesome. I'm a bit anal-retentive about keeping the flow of things going. But on point, it was an error. Restov is not a free city but a conglomeration (so, it's like a smaller governmental state or perhaps a duchy). Brevoy is the overarching nation-state to the north of the area you will be spending almost all of your time in this AP. You should consider politics regarding Brevoy, Rostland (which you are all familiar with) and Restov as...complicated.]]

[[Eran, please make a spellcraft check if you wish to determine the properties, and/or a Knowledge (arcana) to determine the school.]]
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Valdi enters the tavern just in fron of Vidar and looks around the common room.  His piercing blue eyes alight on Andra and he gives a rueful shake of his head before pulling off his  helmet and revealing his carefully braided red hair.

He mutters something in Skaldic over his shoulder to Vidar. "I was right, she has one of these missives as well. See, there she sits reading it."

Without waiting for his brothers response he thumps heavily over to the young woman's table and tosses an identical document to hers down on the table in front of her.

He speaks to Mara in heavily accented Common.
""Sorry, if you feel a little caught up in the weavings of the Norns by this, I must confess Lady that I do as well. Vidar chafes at it more so than we, I think. May we sit?

As he patiently awaits her response he stands there, stoically leaning on a humongous axe on a 5 foot pole, that he did not have with him the other day when he read her runes.

[Image: bardiche.png]
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Nexendia sat in the Silver Skeleton pondering the events of the last month.  She was completely lost in her own thoughts when the courier arrived and asked for her by name.  Nexendia glances up at him for a second and almost returns to the pits of her own thoughts but then smiles sullenly, saying, "Yes... yes I am."  She takes the scrollcase then watches him curiously as he walks away.  Nexendia examines the case for any information she might glean from it and then she opens it and pulls out the three fine Vellum.  Unraveling the scrolls, she carefully reads/examines each one.

[OoC: Nexendia has Knowledge: Arcane, Nature, Nobility, Planes and Religion of 9 each.  If she can take 10 then she will.  If not she rolled a 13.

Nexendia then takes the time to examine the Mount spell.

[OoC: Nexendia will use Spellcraft and Knowledge-Arcana.  Rolled 25 and 25]

She smiles slightly and whispers, "This could be exactly what I was looking for..."  Then without a moments delay, Nexendia rushes out of the Silver Skeleton and immediately to her family estate.  

Nexendia had never been on an adventure before so she wasn't sure what she needed to take with her.  When she was finally finished, she spent some time with the family and made arrangements for the care of her children.  Then after tearful farewells, she leaves the estate and then decides to have a quick drink to quench her thirst at the Silver Skeleton before casting the mount spell.
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[[Nexendia can tell that the magic scroll contains one spell, Mount, cast by a wizard of equivalent power and capability (ECL 1 or 2) and that the spell is of the Conjuration (summoning) variety. What seems special about it is that it is cast in a way that truly anyone might cast it without any debilitating results. Someone has planned for the possibility that non-casters might need this spell as well.]]
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Vidar simply follows his brother's lead, and not a single word crosses his lips. He waits by his brother Valdi's left side and slightly behind, only an inch taller but much wider he stands, an almost palpable aura of threat emanates his muscular physic. If a barmaid passes by with an ale he will grab it an flip her a silver while he waits for Andra's response.
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OOC - Eran skill checks: Spellcraft: 16, Knowledge Arcana: 28
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Andra's eyes wander momentarily to Eran across the room, as he makes obvious magical gestures. Kinda unusual in a tavern. When nothing obvious comes of it, she looks back at the brothers, giving them a clear 'you gotta be kidding me' look. With a pained sigh, she waves at the seats across from. "Fine. Sit. I had actually been wondering how to accomplish this without my own retinue..."
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