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Escape from the Mines (Shunna Maza , Ubi Sunt & Callie)
[OOC: What are the races of the slavers and overlords?]

Shunna really wanted to wait until the slavers called it a day and sent them to where ever it is they send slaves to sleep.  But she had to step in to protect the child.  "He is a child," she says while continuing to pick at the stone.  "If you whip him it's just going to make him cry and then not only will it slow his work down but it will also slow his parents work too. It doesn't sound like a good recipe for promoting work to be completed in a timely fashion."  Without the force, Shunna wasn't particularly schooled in the nuances of persuasion but she had to try...

[OOC: Well that's annoying.  I made an account on The Unseen Servant but they didn't send a confirmation email.  So I tried just rolling as a guest and I rolled a total of 18!  Cool  But I couldn't save the Macro because it was considered a 'Test'.  Then suddenly the email came through and I rolled a stinking 8!  Angry   ]
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Ooc - I believe you, I went by the 18 roll but talking to a hostile gave a -10 penalty to the check.  Not that your opponent's will defense is that high Wink  

You noticed that the slaves are a mix of species but all of the guards and overlords are humans.

Shunna delivers her speech to the slaver after he whipped the boy and he listens with a dull look on his face, as if her message had gotten through.  Unfortunately the slaver gives her a greasy smile and yells, "No Talking! Back to Work!" and he delivers two more whip cracks to Shunna Maza and the Zabrak chained to her. "You can take his whips then mouthy!  Hahaha."  The Zabrak looks pissed now.

When you were taken by the Duros and his gang, a Talz, a Gand, and a Rodian, you were stunned with a sneaky blaster shot.  You remember waking up groggily moments before finally coming to in the lift that brought you to the mines.  You think the cells you passed when coming to momentarily is where they keep everyone after work.  After what seems like forever an electronic bell sounds and an audible sigh carrys over the general noise of the mines and you all are led back to the lifts.

Ooc - let me know if there was anything you wanted to do before that.
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As you enter the chamber where the lifts are you notice two security cameras in the cavern. One facing the lifts and one facing the durasteel shack. Everyone shuffles along and drops their picks and mining equipment onto a large pile then wait their turn to board the lift. Once at the top of the lift you are ushered out, still chained to the Zabrak and the child, and forced at gun point by another pair of guards into your cell. Once inside you are ordered to turn around while a guard goes cell by cell unlocking and gathering up the manacles. Your cell mates are the Zabrak, child, a Bothan male, a human male, and a Sullustan male. The cells run along a very long and very wide corridor. It is more like a hall because in between the two rows of cells are tables set up like a cafeteria. There are two buckets, one filthy and one filled with water and a ladle, with neither beds nor blankets. You are fortunate to only have six in a cell while others have up to nine. A single guard walks past the cells occasionally pointing a flashlight inside.
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Shunna takes the lashings for the child and then without a word she returns to work.  When the electronic bell sounds, she takes a moment to check the boy out to make sure he is not injured too badly.  If he is, then that would be something she would have to deal with when there were less people around.

Shunna follows the others to the lift and then waits her turn to enter.  She makes sure she stays close to the family (especially the boy), hoping their slavers would put them all in cells together.  Shunna is sure to stay alert and follow orders to not antagonize anyone.  Once put in her cell she waits until the guard leaves and then says to the boy, "Are you alright, youngling?"
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The child simply looks at you with tears in her blue eyes. She doesn't say a word or give any other sign that she will respond with a yes or a no. You sense this child is hurting both physically and mentally. You can hear her parents whimper and cry in the cell next to yours.

Zabrak whispers from the shadows of the cell to Shunna, "See what you've done. You did that to him you fodack-zu!" Must be some Zabrak curse word you guess. "You want to help someone? Help me escape and I'll make it worth your wild." He whispers coming closer to you and licking his lips. "When the guard comes by try to get his attention, and when he comes close." Zabrak makes a slicing motion across his throat and you see a thin metal sliver in his hand. (Think prison shiv, don't ask where he hid thatWink. You both hear the guard coming closer to the cell and the Zabrak moves back to a corner looking discreet in the dark shadows.
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When the Zabrak makes his lude offer, the corner of Shunna's mouth twitches slight with a hint of disgust.  She deadpans, "Tempting... but no.  Quickly banishing the disgusting proposition out of her mind she adds, "Escaping will be payment enough.  Now quiet while I see to this boy's wounds." 

Shunna moves away from the others and with her back facing them, she pretends to be trying to apply first aid to the boy's wounds. [I assume they are on his back?]  When she is sure no one can see past her, she places a hand on his back and concentrates.

[OOC: Using Vitality Transfer[Rolled 22 or 23 if I can take 10]  The boy heals 3 times his level in hit points and I take half (Rounded down) (I assume the child is Lv1 so he should heal 3pts and I take 1pt.)  I'm not sure how that will effect nonlethal damage.  Shunna will then convert a move action to a swift action so she has 2 swift actions and then will use Shake it off to heal the 1pt of damage. 

Shunna will then, as a full round action, use her Force Focus talent to get her Vitality Power back.  Hopefully Vitality Transfer has healed all the child's damage.  If not then I guess Shunna will do it all again.]

When she is finished, Shunna will whisper to the child, "All better.  Now try to be brave while we figure out a way to get you back to your parents and all of us out of here."  

She stands and then Uses the force to Sense Surroundings.  [DC15. Take Ten if Possible for a result of 23] When she gets a layout of where everyone is, she moves toward whatever shadow the Zabrak is hiding and whispers, "Here's the deal.  The only way I'm helping you get out of this place is if you help me.  We need to get the child back to his parents and help them escape.  And don't even think of double crossing me.  It's a looong ways to freedom and you'll need my help. Agreed?" 
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The Zabrak smirks at your response to his offer and leaves you alone.

You feel the Force flow through you and into the young girl.  Her wounds are healed and she turns around to face you.  She dries her eyes on a dusty sleeve then her eyes meet yours, and you can tell for the briefest of moments she felt safe. "Thanks." She wraps her arms around your waste for a quick hug then retreats back to her corner of the cell near her parents calls.  "I'm fine Mom and Dad, don't worry."

Shunna takes a few minutes to sense her surroundings.  She learns that there is still only the one guard patrolling the cells, he is carrying a com-link probably to check in periodically or call for help.  Her cell is approx. in the middle of a long row of cells.  With about 9 prisoners per cell, there easily 100 prisoners with another 100 now working in the mines.  The whole prison cell/cafeteria area is about 80 meters long by 25 meters wide.  Using the lifts from the mines as a reference point you consider that the South end.  At the North end is another set of doors and you sense two guards on the other side.  You do not sense any other hidden guards.

"Oh yeah, you've got a better plan?  What's that leave in a body bag from getting whipped to death?"  The Zabrak smirks at his own jest.  "That kid's what's called a liability.  He stays here." 

Out of nowhere the Bothan speaks in a low whisper.  "Shhh, keep quiet."  He creeps to the cell bars and looks both ways then turns to Shunna.  He begins talking again in the same low tone. "If you're planning an escape, count me in.  I know others that may help too.  You should know that those doors opposite the lifts can only be opened from the other side but all the doors are guarded and there are security cameras watching them."
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Before the child runs off to speak to the parents, Shunna says, "Forgive me but the light is very dim in these rooms.  Are you a boy or a girl?  And remind me of your name?"

Quote:"Oh yeah, you've got a better plan?  What's that leave in a body bag from getting whipped to death?"  The Zabrak smirks at his own jest.  "That kid's what's called a liability.  He stays here."

"I think you've accidentally mistaken this for a debate," Shunna replies calmly.  "It's not.  And if you want to get out of here then you will help me help them."

Quote:Out of nowhere the Bothan speaks in a low whisper.  "Shhh, keep quiet."  He creeps to the cell bars and looks both ways then turns to Shunna.  He begins talking again in the same low tone. "If you're planning an escape, count me in.  I know others that may help too.  You should know that those doors opposite the lifts can only be opened from the other side but all the doors are guarded and there are security cameras watching them."

"Who are these other allies you speak of,"
she asks while her piercing hazel eyes remained trained on the Zabrak to emphasis she wasn't going to take his shit.  "Do we have some with us in this cell?  I imagine once we help a few people some will be brave enough to join us in our escape.  Don't cha think, Zabrak?"
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The girl pauses when you ask her with a look of concern on her face.  "My name..."  she says with a petite voice, then comes closer to Shunna's ear so only she can hear.  "My name is Mina, I look like a boy so no one tries anything funny.  That's what my dad told me to do."

"Hrmph, ok have it your way."  Says the Zabrak who doesn't offer his name.

"Other slaves, there are many of us but we are spread out.  I can't guarantee everyone will act, but if they see someone stand up to the slavers maybe they will help.  We out number them. The slave drivers keep us chained up and don't let us talk but we developed a few code signals.  If you have a plan I will give the signal for everyone to act on your command."  The Bothan says in very low whisper.  The Human and Sullustan nod their consent to help.
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"I think I've developed a bit of a rapport with this guard," she lies.  "I might be able to convince him to help us.  But if he does help us EVERYONE will need to be very quiet.  I want to get out of here with as few casualties as possible.  Understand?"

If everyone is on the same page, Shunna will take a moment to Use the Force to 'Search her feelings' if this is a good time to act?  [DC 15, Rolled a 20]

If this does happen to be a good time, Shunna approaches the bars and quietly waits for the guard to walk by on his rounds.  When he arrives, she smiles and whispers something to him while holding her throat like she was having trouble speaking.  If he moves a little closer, close enough so the people in the cell would have trouble hearing what she said, Shunna whispers, "Please give me your com-link." [Mind Trick: Must equal or Exceed target's will defense.  Rolled a 15 (dammit = I hope you were telling the truth that they have a low Will Defense.  Tongue  ).  If she succeeded, she can make any non-life threatening suggestion seem reasonable.  The target won't later realize what it did was unacceptable.]

[OoC: Shunna will immediately spend a full round action to use Force Focus to allow her to use Mind Trick again.  And maybe a 5' step back to avoid being hit if she failed.]

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