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Escape from the Mines (Shunna Maza , Ubi Sunt & Callie)
 Shunna Maza had stumbled across an ancient Jedi temple on a planet she had never heard of, Ahch-to.  Unfortunately for her 'explorer' companions, their attempts to loot the ancient temple resulted in their deaths leaving Shunna Maza alone.  Overcoming her fears of the defenses, she explored the temple, eventually finding a set of mysterious holocrons.  At first they were just fascinating, but then one night while she was tinkering with one, it opened.  Thus began her training.  
Many months passed and she learned how to survive on the watery world of Ahch-to through the help of her Jedi training.  One day, after following a vision, she discovered a very old wrecked ship.  Inside, she discovered the bones of a long dead Jedi sitting in the cockpit chair looking forward out the viewport.  Shunna Maza accidentally activated an old recording of the Jedi.  "I have been stranded here for over twenty years now.  There was a time when the galaxy was just a hyper-jump away and the call of the Jedi beckoned me.  Now I am just an old, lonely hermit.  All that is left for me is to be one with the Force, my missions are over, my quests complete.  If I had one wish to see fulfilled it would be this.  To have trained a capable Padawan, to watch her grow with the Force in her struggles against the darkness.  My only regret is that I could not continue the fight, the constant battle that wages across the universe between the Light and the Dark.  That my life was wasted here, sitting in contemplation of what I could not change.  If any Jedi find this recording my only request is that you take use of all that I have left and go out, battle the Dark wherever you find it."

More to follow, and I will edit this post.  this is just a start.
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Ooc - Please read the spoiler, I updated it.

After Shunna Maza made her repairs and left the planet, she found that her connection to the Force could help her in many ways but also be used to help others.  With the message of long dead Jedi locked in her memory, "go out, battle the Dark wherever you find it," Shunna Maza found that her quest would be more difficult than she'd thought.  Darkness was everywhere.  Between the time she was stranded on the planet and the time she left, the Empire had grown considerably more powerful and it's iron grip of 'order' could be felt across the galaxy.

Shunna was piloting her ship through a densely packed astroid field near the outer edges of the mid-rim.  Her nav computer gave warnings about this astroid field if the name wasn't warning enough, Minefield, but something called her to be here and she trusted in the Force.  Her scanners picked up several ships in the distance and a distress signal.  Moving in closer her sensors identified an Imperial Star Destroyer, ISD "Bloodhound", and a XS-800 transport, "Wild-Card."   The small freighter was being overwhelmed by Tie-fighters and something compelled Shunna to fly in and assist the beleaguered ship.  A whirling battle ensued but Shunna's Jedi training gave her the edge in the fight as she destroyed several Tie-fighters allowing the Wild-Card to get away deep into the Minefield.  Shunna was forced to flee as well, her ship was badly damaged and she only just escaped the clutches of the Imperials.

Nearly adrift in the astroid field it was all that Shunna could do to keep her ship from being destroyed.  It looked like it could be the end for her.  She hoped that the freighter she had helped earlier would come to her rescue now but instead something else came to her rescue.  Pirates surrounded her ship and a tug locked it's tractor beams on her ship.  The hissing snake-like voice of a Trandosian came through her comm-link, "Thisss iss Capatain Thesss of the Bloodclaw, prepare to be boarded, your ssship is now oursss.  If you resissst we will kill you, if you comply we will drop you off at the nearessst fasssility."  The pirates were good on their word and they really were more interested in her ship than her.  Of course we will drop you off meant we will sell you to sadistic people looking for slave labor.  

Lucky for Shunna, the stupid pirates didn't realize what her light saber was, and sold it along with many of her other items to a Duros, dressed in a hideous patchwork space suit, and his gang.  She was then re-sold and sent to work deep inside some large asteroid that served as a space station. Now Shunna finds herself bereft of her gear and holding a metal pick deep inside an asteroid, mining rock in it's caves along with dozens of other unfortunate souls.
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'Well, this was an unfortunate turn of events,' Shunna thinks to herself while looking around at the layout and the people in her surroundings.  'I've been sold into slavery -- again -- and I lost my lightsaber.  Perfect!  I must be the only Jedi in the galaxy who loses her lightsaber within minutes of setting out on her first quest.  Thanks Force!"  

[OoC: Using Perception 10 to gather information about her surroundings and to listen to people's conversations.]
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Ooc - Yes, sorry for taking your gear from you from the start Smile Use the Force Luke! And don't forget you have a nice durasteel pick, 1d6 damage

The cavernous tunnel is fairly large, about 15'wide by 15' tall, and extends in a gentle curve about 100' before ending. At one end of the tunnel is a large machine that appears to be a drill with lots of lights. At the the other end of the tunnel is a large circular cavern about 40' wide but still 15' in height and contains dual lifts to the upper levels of a spaceport. The circular room has two armed guards with blaster rifles and several others with stun batons. Also there is a durasteel room with one door and one viewport but you couldn't see inside. All along the main tunnel are other smaller tunnels that Shunna can only get a glimpse of from her present position.

Shunna was just one of five other slaves sold to this mining group. Three appear to be a family of humans, a husband, wife, and son that could be a girl but hard to tell. The other is a heavily tattooed Zabrak with a nasty scar that runs from his lips to his missing left ear. A better look at him reveals he is missing two fingers on his right hand as well. The family seems very scared, the Zabrak not so much, and from the clamor in the mines the only ones talking are the overlords. Occasionally you hear someone yell, "No talking!" and the crack of a whip or a cry of pain. There are too many people to count and the overlords walk freely amongst the work gangs who are chained by the ankles in groups of three.
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Shunna bows her head to wipe sweat from her brow and takes a second [swift action] to Use the Force. [Cue use the force music  Tongue]  She reaches out with the force to sense her surroundings.

[OoC:  Sense surroundings is on Pg77.  Taking 10.  Result: Take 10+13=23.    See below.  Shunna has a high enough result to be able to see targets who have Total Cover.]

When she is sure it's safe, Shunna will whisper to the others, "Are any of you injured?"  She looks at the gash on the Zabrak's face and his missing fingers to see if they are recent or old wounds  

"Do any of you know where we are and where our belongings might be being held," she asks after they answer her first question?  "I know they were sold but where do they take such things to sell or trade?  It's an heirloom of sorts, which I really must have returned to me."

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Shunna, chained together with the little boy, which you are positive is a girl now, and the Zabrak are sent down a nearby tunnel to begin mining.  The Zabrak's wounds are old scars and he gives off a creepy criminal vibe, especially when he looks at you.  After a short while the overlord nearby gets distracted and starts up a conversation with a fellow slave-driver.  When you ask if anyone is injured, the Mom and Dad stop momentarily to look at you and shake their heads.  The Dad with tears running down his eyes whispers to you, "Please look out for my little.. boy," then renews his digging.  The Zabrak, still swinging, chimes in, "Shut it, you'll get us all whipped."

Shunna can feel through the Force that there are 3 overlords in her current tunnel, 23 slaves including herself, and many more throughout the rest of the cavern.  Focusing on the durasteel room she senses 2 people inside before feeling a sharp sting across her back.  "Back to work!" (-5 non-lethal damage from the whip, it took several swift actions to sense all this)
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[OOC:  While using the force to sense my surroundings to detect enemies, how did I miss a slaver walking up to me with a whip?  Was he using the force to block my power so I couldn't sense him? ]

Shunna listens to the father while using her pick on the rock.  When it's safe to speak, she whispers, "I will do my best to help... the boy."

Moments later Shunna feels the sting of a slaver's whip that had some how avoided her detection.  She winces but without looking back at the man she continues to pick away at the stone.

[OOC: I'm not sure what you mean by Non-lethal damage.  I've looked for it's effects in the rule book but my eyes must not be finding the information.  If it's considered a condition, Shunna will continue using her standard action in each round to swing the pick and she will convert her Move action to a swift action so she gets two swift actions in each round which she will use to use 'Shake it Off' Feat.  Which allows her to use 2 swift actions instead of 3 to move +1 step along the condition track.  She will keep doing this each round to heal herself.  ]
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Ooc - My interpretation of the Perception skill concerns targets that you can see within the immediate area. In this case the current tunnel you are in. Do you agree? Using the Force Perception skill helps you detect enemies actively hiding from you who are in visual range. For this scenario I stretched the Force power you were using to increase your range and ability, i.e. being able to sense creatures through several meters of solid rock, lets say about 80 meters distance because I interpreted your intention to mean you wanted a better sense of your entire surroundings. The information given falls in line more with Far Seeing and less with Perception but really somewhere in-between. That is why I, as the DM, added a thematic trade-off of your character getting whipped without your enemy being detected. But you are correct, in the traditional use of Force Perception you should have detected him before he acted. Concerning the non-lethal damage, I'm not sure that is explicit to Star Wars Saga and all the rules aren't entirely familiar to me. I put that in because time is short sometimes and I wanted to keep your story going rather than me spend more time looking up specific rules. Please forgive my ignorance, this is my first time DMing a PBP game. In the end I just want all parties to enjoy a good game/story together. In the mean time I will continue to search for non-lethal/sub-dual damage if it exists at all in this reality.

Ooh Edit: As far as the damage, you are right, there is no such thing as non-lethal damage and the only thing that comes close is the condition track (personally i feel that is more severe than what I had intended from a simple whip, I took it from DnD 3.5 and didn't account for your armor)

Through Shunna's sheer perseverance and will power she manages to shake off any effects from the whip in no time.
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[OOC:  I am completely new to this game so please don't take any questions I have about specific rules or power as anything more than questions.]  

RE Sense Surroundings:  I agree mostly with what you said, except to add that I don't think they actively have to be hiding.  A guard could be just standing behind vehicle (giving him total cover) totally unaware of me and I should still be aware of him if I succeed in my UtF and Perception checks.  Walls are considered total cover and darkness is considered concealment which are both negated by the talent.  I guess it could be like Clairvoyance except perception is used as range.  If true that means every 10 squares gives me -5 on perception.  With a roll of 23, Shunna could notice a medium sized creature up to 40 squares away or a small creature up to 30 squares away.  (I cannot remember how many meters are in a square. Blush  

RE Non Lethal Damage:  Okay that's why I couldn't find the information.   Tongue  If you want to put a NLD mechanic into your game then go for it.  It might be a good idea since there isn't any resurrection in the game.  Also, being able to recover from it by using 3 swift actions/point or 2 with the Shake it Off feat could be cool too.  So having Non Lethal Damage would be annoying for the character but with taking a little time to rest you can slowly get rid of the damage.]

Shunna thought about Mind Tricking the Slaver to go away but for the moment she did not want to take the chance of being detected.  For now she needed to gather as much information as possible.  While picking away at the stone she looks for any obvious or not so obvious avenues of escape or sneaking away [Taking 10 with perception10 (20)].  Whenever she has a chance [a Full round] to Use the Force [13] she will position herself so no one can see spot her [if she needs to she will Take 10 on stealth9 (19) checks.] to try to sense any other force users and to learn their distance and direction (up to 100km)  Shunna can also automatically Sense any Disturbances in the force.  Once finished Shunna will then Search her Feelings to decide if Mind Tricking or even killing this slaver would yield favorable or unfavorable in the near future [UtF 13].  [I can take 10 on all these rolls for a total of 23 which is more than the DC 15 I need.]

Shunna is very patient with making these checks.  Attempting to look like a productive prisoner whenever the slavers are looking.
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Ooc - I am very open to questions and suggestions, don't hesitate at all!

Taking the time to better understand her surroundings, Shunna knows there is only one way in or out and that is the chamber with the lifts.  Everything else will be a dead end.  Using the Force, Shunna senses that either dispatching the slaver/slavers or mind-tricking them for another purpose would be favorable in her future.  Using stealth is extremely difficult considering that she and two other slaves are chained together at the ankles.  She detects no other Force users.

After Shunna uses the Force to reconnoiter her surroundings and her future course of actions, the slaver approaches to whip the "boy" for lack of work.  "Pick up the pace you mangy mutt!"
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