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Issue #0: What came before... [~Malcolm only~]
[OoC: Telekinesis is one of those powers that with each new book they change a little bit and not for the better.  So I take rules from each book to make what I feel is a better representation of the power.  So right now, you can use your telekinesis to do anything that would or could require you to make a strength feat.  So you make your normal attack against the person (making note of the color result) then the target gets a strength feat to resist.  If you push or pull you don't automatically hurl them.  You check your color result and we figure out what happens normally.  If you just roll a green then I decide how well you succeed.  If you slam the target it is resolved as normal.  You can also grapple opponents with your telekinesis.  At this stage you can only do physical damage to a target if you pick something up (possible strength feat) like a mail box and beat the target with it.  Damage is determine by the amount of strength you're using and the material strength of the object.  You can eventually create a power stunt for Kinetic bolts that do rank level damage.  When I say, 'Possible strength feat' I mean depending upon the weight of the object, you MIGHT need to roll a strength check to lift it.  The rules require you to ALWAYS make a check unless the weight is 3 ranks below your strength (Typical weight or 200#) which is ridiculous.  As if a body builder who can normally lift a ton would EVER fail lifting 200#.  Body builders would never be able to get through a routine without failing all the time.  So I only require rolls when you get close to your rank (Remarkable = a ton) in weight.  You can attempt to lift up to Incredible weight but it would require a red feat every round.  I hope that helps.]

While Malcolm is slowly coming out of his stunning, the police are cuffing you.  Your scrawny wrists pose a problem so instead they handcuff your arms behind your back but above the elbow.  

[OoC: If you want to still resist you can.  If not they shove your head down so you don't bump it on the door then throw you into the back of the police car.]
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His eyes filled with tears, Malcom allows the officers to throw him in the car.

"I didn't m..mean.. I just w..wanted them to l..leave me alone."
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[OoC Is this thread forgotten?]
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Never forgotten. Just limited time.
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The cops ignore your whimpers except to glower at you from the front seat.  Eventually you just stare out the window and wait what seemed to be an agonizingly long time to arrive at the station.  The car suddenly stops and the back door opens.  You're suddenly whisked out of the car, a large hat secured on your head, presumably to protect your identity for being a minor, and then almost dragged inside the precinct.  The cops then take you to a private room and push you down into a uncomfortable wooden chair.  Suddenly the hat is pulled off your head, temporarily blinding you and when you look up you see a rather severe looking woman.  

"So, you're a mutant,"  she says with a hint of disgust.  While taking a seat at the metal desk you're sitting beside, she continues, "I'm Lieutenant Bailey.  Before we finger print you and such, I have a few questions to ask.  Lets start with your name.  Who are you?"
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"I..I w..was at sc...school, you already kn..know my n..name...", then seeing her expression. "M..Malcolm Lewis. I d..didn't m..mean to hurt no one... I j..just wanted them to let me g..go.."
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She types on her laptop, occasionally glancing at you without any hint of empathy and then asks, "So now give me your version of events."
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[OoC sorry life took a really harsh turn on my free time for a bit. Getting this started again.]

Malcolm swallows, unsure of where to start..

"They w..was picking at me. they would let me go.. I j..just w..wanted to get away. they said my father was a m..murderer... th..that he killed all those p..people. H..He d..didn't. He just wanted us to b..be s..safe. To l..live like normal p.people.."

"T..they had me s..s..surrounded, and they were p..pushing me back and forth, then I f.f.f.fell."

"They w.wouldn't let m..me up. I j..just w..wanted to get up, to g..get away f..from them. S..So they'd l..leave me alone. I j..just t..tried to p..push them away. I..I d.didn't mean an..anyone t..to g.get hurt"
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She continues to type everything Malcolm says and when he stops speaking she scrutinizes him closely and says, "So what you are saying is, without even trying you hurt some children and threw two police officers through the air.  Right?  Because you said, 'I just tried to push them away.  I didn't mean... I didn't want anyone to get hurt.'  So without trying, you hurt some children and two police officers."  She suddenly leans in closer so her face is about a foot away from yours, and then adds, "I wonder what you could do if you tried..."
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Malcolm, sensing the malice behind that question, simply stares at her, swallowing, his horrified expression saying what he is thinking even without the words.

"I..I p..promise, I won't ever do it a..again."
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