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Issue #0: What came before... [~Malcolm only~]
It was after school and Malcolm is running home.  Or what currently counted as his home but was actually just foster care.  He had just got in a fight with some bullies.  One of them punched him in the face and bloodied his nose but that wasn't the worst part.  He had lost control.  It was only for just a second but he couldn't take it back.  A wave of force exploded from his body and hurled their bodies several feet through the air.  Malcolm got up but they didn't.  So he did the only thing that he could think of and ran.

[OoC: describe what you're doing but don't get to your foster home yet.]
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[OoC what the heck did they punch him with to pass his body resistance, Tongue]

Malcom wioes the tears from his eyes as he runs. The other kids knew nothing about him, but as kids always do they seemed able to find his weakness, found the words that would hurt the most.  They had said his parents had been traitords. tyhat the reason that the police came was because his parents were filthy mutants that deserved what they got.

Of course he should have known, he should never have confided in anyone... but once they knew his name, it was a simple matter of searching the internet. And then the news articles from that day...
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[OoC:  Words.  You said they hurt the most. :p  Or MAYBE at this point you haven't developed your body resistance.  Yeah I think I'll go with that one. ( Evil Grin ) ]

Malcolm runs along Arthur Avenue, the main street of Little Italy, past bakeries and cafés, some with their metal shutters being pulled down for the night. As he passed East 186th Street, he spots a police car driving toward him. More squad cars arrived, and soon Malcolm finds himself surrounded by cops with their guns pulled out and pointing at him.  

"STOP," one of them yells.  "We have you surrounded!  Get the fuck down on the ground!"
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Malcolm skids to a stop so fast that he stumbles.

"I didn't m..mean... g...get away!!! Just leave me alone... I just wanna g..get home!!"

He turns around, seeing no way out, nowhere to go.
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A couple of cops seize you and throw your thin body hard against the hood of one of the police cars. "You're in a lot of trouble, asshole," one yells while frisking you. "You hurt a lot of kids with your stinking mutie bullshit. Now you're going to pay!"

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Just let me go!! G.get Off!"

Malcom instinctively pushes them away with his power, attempting to get clear so he can run.

[Telekinesis Rm26 [1d100] = 47  = Green feat]
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[OoC: I could be mistaken but I believe if you are trying to move more than one thing at once, your rank goes down by -1cs for each additional target.  So 2 targets is Ex rank, 3 targets is Gd rank, 4 targets typical rank.  You can also try to get multiple attacks but that requires a RM Fighting feat and their are penalties if you fail.  If you attempt to do more simultaneous actions then the GM deems reasonable then I can require you to roll an agility feat.  I assume that you're trying to push away 2 cops so your Telekinesis is Ex.]

The cops both yell as their bodies are hurled away from you.  The other cops pull their weapons and fire.  Two of the four police hit him with tasers and instantly Malcolm feels his body seize up and slam into the ground.  "DO NOT RESIST," one of the cops yell.  "You try something like that again and you'll get worse!"  [You're stunned for only 1 round]

[OoC: strangely, the game doesn't have any stats on Tasers.  The rules say that a house current (120v) is Excellent intensity.  Tasers are 1200v so that means they should be around Remarkable intensity.  But that seems like a lot when lightning bolts are considered Incredible and High tension wires are Amazing.  However when I rolled your resistance and you rolled 2 white results so it's a fail whatever the intensity of the stunning.]
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[OoC even had you just declared it I'd have gone with it.. i thought the RM26 Gren feat was too low for success on a Grapple anyway.. so..]

Malcom slams to the ground face-first his body rigid and twitching. Trying desperately not to bite his tongue, and not even able to do more than a muffled groan through his rigidly clenched teeth.
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[OoC: You didn't say you were grappling them so I used the green feat as a regular attack to push them away. Technically should have been 2 attacks but oh well. So the green feat hit and they required a red strength feat to resist. Both failed and where pushed away.

I'm in bed and will post tomorrow.]

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[ooC ok still figuring out how Telekinesis works thought I had to grapple to attack, didn't know I could just shove Smile ]
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