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[Demon the Fallen] Raise a little Hell
Looking for interest in a sandbox Demon the Fallen game. Setting would be my home city of Charleston, SC. More than likely going to bump players up by 50XP for an established feel. Posting rate isn't important, but will dictate how often I will (or try to) reply.

As it is a sandbox game, it will up to players to motivate themselves and seek out how to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. However, I will also be introducing world stories into the mix that players can choose to follow or not.
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I would like to add that if this goes well, I would like to run a sandbox nWoD game based on the current story in my LARP group. Also, if people would rather play that instead of Demon, I'm down for whatever.
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Tell me about this sandbox nWoD game since I am not familiar with your LARP. I like world of darkness games, though I am familiar with the old one much more than the new one. Other than the setting being Charleston, which I like the idea because I'm going to visit my sister there in a month or so and can check out the scenery, what is going on?

Also important info would be... What kind of characters would you like if you do that one? I assume they have the usual vampires, werewolves, mages... I have a geist character in one of the nWoD games I've been in, do you have those? Non wolf shifter types? I've seen other char types too but not a strong idea of what they played like (constructs, changelings).
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