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[OOC] Character Concepts
Lol I just realized the Con error in my math.

Re geography, ok that gives me some room for license.  Also re Waterdeep, GM Marvel's jermlaine could be from the Rat Hill's (Waterdeeps out of control city dump)  LOL

Riding his dire rat.... squirrel, bat.. mongrelman henchman.. whatever...  ;-)
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I have been doing some research into the jermlaine. They seem like they could be a lot of fun!

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Greatsword +8, 2d6+4 17-20/x2
Hp 29/29
AC 14 (dodge +1, armor spell +4)
- Str 14-15 (based on damage)
- Dex 18-19 (based on AC, indeed)
- Con 10-11 (based on HP)

The math isn't adding up on my greatsword.
Str 2
WF 1
+1 enchantment
Total 8

But if damage is +4...
Str 2
+1 Enchantment
Total 3 damage.

I don't know what's going on with AC. I rarely skimp on Dex unless I plan on running around in heavy armor. This one never wears armor. I think 14 was my base and the parentheses were bonuses I might have available.

29 might be 6th level HP. I swear I managed to get over the thirty mark. But then again she is mostly a wizard.

I still don't understand how you are figuring saves so just tell me what you want in there.

I'm doing up a new sheet on Mythweavers. I can't access my drive or roll20 from work.

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your character sheet was good as it was... I believe but to clarify...

2h damage takes 1.5x str bonus. 3+1 = 4
for AC I agree it's without dodge and mage armor.
29 is 6th level hp as I wrote. for 7th I recall 32 but I won't split hairs if you have 33...
for saves... fort and will by-the-book
for ref save your ftr+wiz levels add up since they have the same progress ("low"): i.e. your ref is like a level 7 ftr (or wiz or clr for that matter)
Same for bab. If you had, say, one level of sorceress, your wiz+sor levels would add up: 5+1 means +3 bab.
Another example: an 5/1 rog/clr would have +3 bab by the book but +4 bab in these fractional rules.
However, halves and three-quarters don't add up (even though that would make more sense)

Just curious if you plan posting IC as well Wink
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Sorry. Just trying to get my sheet sorted out properly. I never use two-handed weapons so I forgot about the +50%.

I've been spending my gold again since the only thing I've had with me most of the adventure was the sword. Pretty sure there was a ring too. Everything else was left behind for the swim. I wanted a 'hand of the mage' but would prefer if I could have a less morbid version. Perhaps the mummified hand could have been ground up and melted into the gold at creation.
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It may be a golden amulet the form of an elven hand, on the golden chain, I have no problem with that. The weight (2lbs) speaks for itself.
And now that you say I recall a ring of prot +1. That also means your dex bonus was +3 which also makes sense... And as I write it keeps bubbling up... remember my pm where I mentioned that your deflection bonus counts in your touch and flat-footed AC? Yes. it was definitely +3 for dex and +1 deflection for the ring.
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Hello everyone,

I apologize for not replying sooner; had to put my gaming on hold for a little while. Since it seems we have a cleric already, I think I'll go ahead with playing a caster, if that's okay. So far all I really have in terms of concept is just a basic human sorcerer, just to keep things relatively simple for starters. I don't really have much in terms of character background yet, but that shouldn't be too hard to come up with. I'll try to have a basic background and character sheet taken care of by the end of the weekend, along with my rolls on Roll20.
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In the first place, I'm really happy you are still with us. Take any time you need, I'll just find the way to drop you in the game whenever and wherever you are ready.

Merri is a part-time wizard and Vitkyng will bring a bard.
Maul is a cleric indeed and Marvel will bring either a cleric or a druid, but Maul will stay only as long as necessary.
I'm okay with having either three arcane or two divine casters in a party of six.

When working on details, try to work together:
- the wizard is quite offensive and she plans to double-wield sword and sorcery at the same time.
- bards' repertoire excels at specific disciplines and I think this particular forest gnome will focus on illusion
- so you may choose a third portfolio for your sorceress so that your powers are all rounded up.
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(07-31-2015, 06:36 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: I...
- bards' repertoire excels at specific disciplines and I think this particular forest gnome will focus on illusion

You got it, it wasn't that hard to figure out.  Though i am extremely busy this week and the weekend was worse so I haven't gotten a thing done on the backstory.  I'll try to get it done by this weekend.
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Okay... seems you guys would like to have some incentives...
- first one of complete characters (including elaborate background) receives a surprise bonus
- best background (strictly subjective measures) receives a surprise bonus that suits the background.
To be square and fair old characters may aspire for the second price. Especially Merri since her background needs quite some rounding-up (I find Lugar's and Giant's already rounded up but you may also give it a boost).

This is just out of my generousity by the way. I'm not in a hurry, and won't tell anyone "you are late".
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