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[OOC] Character Concepts
Well then maybe a Desmodu hunting bat from MM2. The bow is still possible cuz I'm still tiny in my normal form. Don't really want to enter someone's square to provoke AoO. But having a bat fly into a big bad guys hair would be kind of funny.

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Since the Desmodu Guard Bat practically equals dire bat + wounding and the hunting bat is similar but has trip instead of wounding (though the 3.0 to 3.5 update booklet says differently) I would say "no" this time.

If you say we should convert the dire bat to medium (or even small) size (higher dex, lower strength etc) then it would be a definitive "yes."
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No problem. I was at work and never looked at the critter before. I would want a creature that would equal what a druid could get at 1st level like a wolf or something that could maybe fly.

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I will try to work up a critter that resembles a bat but has the same power level as an eagle. Like:
- normal bat: diminutive (-2 steps)
- your bat: small
- dire bat: large (+2 steps)
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A Small Monstrous Spider might be an interesting choice for a dungeon.  It can climb walls/ceilings and it's unlikely to draw much attention.   Or maybe a Young Dire Stirge.  Other possible options for 1st level Druid is a Badger or a Swindlespitter Dinosaur from MM3.
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Spider- probably. The party duergar will get envious... Will check Underdark.
Stirge- mighty confident NO.
Badger - certainly
Dinosaur - not in this world...
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Dude! We should all totally play dinosaurs! Dibs on the T-Rex!
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I will consider starting a Jura age game...
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(07-29-2015, 10:14 AM)DM Surranó Wrote:
(07-29-2015, 07:34 AM)Vitkyng Wrote: I have yet to pick his spells, or write his background story down. But here is  his character sheet for a preview. 

 Portho Nihilbuck

I am extremely busy this week so it may take me until the weekend to get the character finished.  But in the meantime let me know if there are any issues.  I will create an in-character account later this week.

A brief feedback.
- Stats: OK
- HP: how did you get 44? If you rolled: where and when?
- Mithral rapier +1 is 20(base)+500/lbs*0.5lbs(mithral)+2000(ench) =  2270gp
- Pass without trace listed 2x
- Craft is a class skill
- Open lock is cross-class

Looking forward to your background, including the part how he obtained such precious equipment (meaning the toddler-sized elven chain and the mithral weapon).

No rush, I'm still expecting feedback from @ Stygianangel and @GM Marvel

The HP were not rolled.. as per your Max at 1st and 2/* at each level plus my Con bonus
6 + (6*4)+ Con 14 = 44

Oh I just assumed pay for the full pound on the mithral rapier and for some reason was thinking rapier 15 gp.. so I overspent some there. I'll correct it after work.
As for background I know OLD forgotten realms.. 1st and 2nd edition, nothing new.. is Ardeep Forest and Ruins of Illefarn exist in your game, as well as the High Moor?  This is your world but I am just trying to find a way to tie his background into the world itself.
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Re HP: it's OK except that your Con is 16... Smile
Re rapier: OK
Re geography: the adventure is as loosely tied to FR as possible. Actually the adventure visits several places in the multiverse and right now, there are at least three pantheons in the game:
- Merri and Lugar worship FR gods (well. not sure about Merri but she could)
- Can't remember Giant, he either worships Mielikki (FR) or Ehlonna (GH)
- Maul (NPC) definitely worships Pelor (GH)
- Sirrith (the villain they've just dispersed) worshipped a god whose name rang a bell for Merri but she had no idea about the pantheon.
So you may choose FR or GH geography or make up a pocket in space that can be placed wherever you want.
Concerning FR geography; they change less often than the DND rules. While the latter last a decade or two each, moors and forests typically survive millenia... So I'm fine with Ardeep, Chez Nasad, Anauroch, whatever.
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