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[OOC] Return to the Rusty Rat
That's exactly my thought that moving it around is complicating things and what I offered above is that this moving is simply simulated by the item's AC (which is 10+size mod, as opposed to 5+size mod, as it would be for an immobile object (due to effective dex of 0 I believe).
To calm an insect by covering its head... you have a point there of course, with birds for example, or the horses' blinkers/blinders (I guess first one is UK, second one is US term) I'm not sure about a (partially) nocturnal insect with darkvision, though. (IRL, mantises hunt by day and fly by night but only because they don't have darkvision Smile ) The telekinesis idea to make a figment more plausible, well that's feasible for an intelligent species that can even start to reckon the phenomenon called telekinesis in the first place. Rather, I was in doubt whether they would really "disbelieve" since they don't even know what an "illusion" is, so how could they disbelieve then?... and I remembered my good old reference point: realise that something's amiss, wisdom. Come up with a solution, intelligence. Now, vermin have no Int scores so does that mean they cannot reason and therefore cannot disbelieve? And since a will save is effectively a wisdom check enhanced by overall combat prowess, the will save actually makes sense here. That is, as long as nobody states that creatures with no Int score are always affected by illusions, no save.

Re light: yes, I also remembered such a thing. Maybe it was me telling this to you? or you telling this to me? Smile Sage advice, as I remember, was something like an insight, even better than RAI, in the distant past but since 3.5 at least, it's more like rules lawyering. They never admit if something's ambiguous or straightforward contradictory; they follow a process even a drone could to show which of two statements is correct "by the book." Whether an illusory light has an illumination radius, yes, I was also pondering that question. How do patterns behave in that aspect? They (usually) mention that sightless creatures are unaffected but doesn't mention blind-fighting or darkness. (indeed, does hypnotic pattern (lvl2) suppress deeper darkness (lvl3)? or does darkness give a kind of resistance against patterns because of shadowy illumination?)
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