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Read First! Introduction and House Rules
At the moment, a straightforward copy from the interest thread.

Proclamation XLIV from Piergeiron Paladinson, Lord of Waterdeep:

 The City Council of Waterdeep offers a generous reward on recovery of a scroll of ancient history.
All applicants must apply at the tavern in the fishermen's village of Olson, at sunset before next full moon.
Applicants accept that they take responsibility for their own safety.
As part of the reward, the City Council may offer a prosperous long-term contract to all applicants who prove their participation in this recovery mission.

Players: Up to 8. In case of excessive application I reserve the right to pick 8 based on background.
System: D&D 3.5 core rulebooks (PHB, DMG, MM).
Setting: Generic
Starting Experience: 21,000
Races: Any of PHB/MM
Alignment: No evil alignments (please)
Duration: A long-running campaign
- with lots of dungeon crawl, not unlike ToEE
- Consists of a prologue (already closed) and seven more chapters.
- Characters may expect to advance a level each chapter and reach level 13+ by the end

Character Creation Guidelines:

First some explanation of the brief summary above:

- For character sheets I may offer Myth-Weavers or roll20, we'll decide together. Both have their pros and cons.
- No dice rollers here yet so we'll agree on a place where to roll them bones. E.g. roll20.

System: D&D 3.5 core rulebooks (PHB, DMG, MM).
- No exceptions.
- a goblin aspiring for shadowdancer prestige class is fine
- a half-dragon paladin is fine
- but no fancy stuff like exalted deeds etc.

Setting: Generic
- Loosely tied to Forgotten Realms, Waterdeep in particular.
- Don't expect official data on Faerun geographics, population, npcs, etc. to be followed. More like just a "feeling" that it's FR.
- That said, I encourage to choose deities from PHB (Greyhawk). We can negotiate on FR deities though.

Starting Experience: 21,000
- plus bonus for a good background
- minus xp spent on magic item creation (scribe scrolls, etc)

- Roll 7 times 4d6, drop lowest die of each roll, then drop one of the 7 rolls (typically the lowest but you may deviate if you think your character's background really cries out for that 7 instead of 11 for Strength)
- If we (at least one of us) don't like the rolls for whatever reason, you may distribute 28 points (see Point Buy Tool)

Hit points:
- First hit die is max
- Remaining hit dice are 2/3 max round up (d4: 3, d6: 4, d8: 6, d10: 7, d12: 8) but you may choose to roll
- If rolled, both of us roll. You choose from the two rolls without knowing my roll.
- Once you rolled for a HD you cannot take 2/3 for that HD anymore. You are more than welcome to roleplay why your character came up with such low max HP after all.
- This decision can be made separately for each HD.

Races: Any of PHB/MM
- subject to level adjustment and racial hit dice

Alignment: No evil alignments (please)

Items: Any from PHB/DMG
- Starting money is according to DMG (19,000 gp)
- Magic items can be bought on prices from DMG
- Custom items prices based on DMG table 7-33 are subject to my approval
 - Item creation feats can be used to halve the prices, at the expense of XP as described there.
- Craft skills can be used to reduce the prices as long as you can take 10 for that item. Otherwise you have to roll and take the consequences (money loss) if you fail.
- Shifting items or wealth between correlated characters is allowed but must be rectified by common background. E.g. one of two siblings may have pieces of equipment that cost 30,000 gp total, the other 8,000 gp total. That said, no single item may exceed the starting limit of 19,000 gp.
- Last but not least: "You don't list it, you don't have it."

- According to the three core rulebooks, except some house rules (see below).
- Material components must be obtained and kept track of, but spell component pouch stands for most mundane things.

The DM's Last Word:
I reserve the right to veto some of the oddities but I hope none will be encountered Smile

House Rules:
There are some personal preferences that extend the core ruleset. Some examples:
- There are two versions of some spells; one is "stock" 3.5, other resembles to 3.0 version. One of them having longer duration, other having greater effect but shorter duration.
- There are some racial traits that can be tweaked; e.g. if your wood elf prefers spears to swords due to background then so be it; you'll receive familiarity with spears instead of swords. Just make sure it makes real sense.
- Massive multiclassing to optimise saves (e.g. Mnk 2/Clr 2/Pal 2 for Wis save of +9) will be massively blocked: the levels are added up for high and low before consulting save table. E.g. above character would have Fort/Will same as level 6 cleric (5 instead of 9), but Reflex like level 2 Mnk + level 4 cleric (4 instead of 3)
- Similar for base attack bonus but it will never be lower than according to core rules

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