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Character Concepts and Creation
The bonus skill points are for your races favored class. If fighter is the favored class of warforged then you get the 4 points at first level and 1 point each time you take a level in that class. For races without a favored class like humans, they get the bonus for whatever class they pick at first level.

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I better double check my skills lol.. I m,ight have ripped myself off then.
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Forge's starting gold
[url=[4d6x10] = 12x10 = 120]Starting gold[/url]

Ok, I think i'm finished polishing up all the details for Forge. Not only is he a tank but he is a pack-mule! I changed some of his skills and his items list based off starting gold and added a few details to his personality.

Forge maintains a reserved and stoic demeanor, aided by his emotionless Warforged face. All this hides a deeply scared mind, ravaged by years of bloodshed and destruction. He cannot help what he is and what he is capable of doing but he yearns to be free of the endless cycle of war. In the face of danger he reacts with muscle memory, and would take an arrow for a fellow companion without hesitation. It is outside of combat that tortures his Warforged mind. There is no sleep, no drug, no escape from past memories. Only his self neglect has corrupted his mind and repressed unwanted memories. Forge is constantly on the move, never in one place for too long. When he has nothing else to do, and after maintaining his equipment, he will talk to old comrades long dead and fight foes from long ago.
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While reading that, I got an image of Forge picking up a lute for the first time...

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