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Character Concepts and Creation
You found us!!! Yes you were playing a female cleric. I thing you had strange eyes too.

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Welcome doug! Glad to see you here.

Yah, you were playing Selina Parcellus, a moon cleric with some sort of serpentine background who was ashamed/afraid of it.
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Yay Selina is back!!
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Right. Selina is back...and completely without a character sheet.  I'm going to have to piece what I can together from memory with herolabs.

You know...I think my cell is a little obsessed and in love with the word "Selina". It managed to replace three different words with my character's name.
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You don't need a sheet for her, just drag her into the game and start healing lol
lol Well 'Selina' was a priestess of the night ( I think Selune )
And she was some sort of lizard-girl I think. I don't remember her other stats.
Didn't you have her sheet on myth-weavers?
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Those sheets are gone though, unless you've found a way to access them?
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The sheets on Plot hook are gone. The sheets on Myth Weavers are fine Smile
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Haha, oh, duh.
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No I put everything on plothook.It's all gone. I know she was a priestess of selune and had Yuan-ti blood.
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That's all you need Smile I think her Chr was a bit higher than her wisdom and I believe you rolled well. Probably around a +10 or +11 stat bonus
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