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Character Concepts and Creation
(08-03-2015, 10:42 PM)Jonath Wrote: Given how cross-class skills work in 3.5, I wouldn't burn them on Use Magic Device if I were you, you'll use up a bunch of skill points and still have a skill that's only barely useable, even with a decent CHA bonus.

Again the house-rule that we all have Able learner means cross class are not any more expensive, just that they are capped at 1/2 what a class skill could be.
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Ah, good point, I'd forgotten about that houserule. Still, given the DCs of UMD, being capped at 1/2 will make it tough to be useful, though I suppose if it's used mostly for out-of-combat healing and such it won't be as bad.
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That's what I figured, UMD and Wand of Lesser Vigor means automatic 9hp healing, just takes time.
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Using Nacesh's cache trick, the sig links for Selena and Marrick don't go anywhere but for the characters who had them, their links worked fine.  So chances are they deleted their characters.   Sad  

I was leaning toward an NPC.  Maybe an Adept who is weaker than a regular class; or because the group doesn't have many knowledge skills to identify encounters an Archivist or Bard would be nice.

Would you guys prefer an NPC you can interact with and can possibly provide information or would you rather find a few healing magics here and there?  On one hand, the NPC is more work for me which I'm fine with playing but the group would share their treasure.  Then on the other, magic items would mean no treasure sharing with an NPC but retrieving magic from pouches/backpacks and using them, especially in combat, takes up actions. Also, healing items aren't as efficient as a caster. Magic items heal normally (Cure light wounds: 1d8+1/level) but Casters get the house rule bonus (Cure light wounds: 1d4+4+1/level).
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That's a tough call. The NPC is a bit more work for you but probably the better option, plus you could use it to introduce plothooks and help "steer" us at times, so it could be a handy tool for you. We're already splitting treasure with two less people (unless we get replacements, hopefully we will), so that's not a huge concern for me (says the monk with no weapons or armor to pay for, hehe).

Personally I vote NPC, but I'm good either way.
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I vote NPC or, rather DMPC, for tbe same reasons as Jonath.
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NPC for me. We will help you
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Yeah a completely reactive (as in: opposite of proactive) NPC that only acts/talks when we explicitly ask may be a nice balance of worthiness and DM efforts.
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Well we might have a Priest joining us soon so I won't have to DMNPC anyone.
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(08-03-2015, 05:41 PM)GM Marvel Wrote: I will most likely be starting up the game tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug 4th) so please try to have your character completed.

There haven't been any replies to my player ad so I will either NPC a character or figure out some kind of magic you can use that will help with the healing.

I don't even remember my character's name, let alone her sheet.  I only remember that I'm playing a female cleric of some kind.  And...Selina comes to mind.  Is that right?
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