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Character Concepts and Creation
*If you don't have a character anymore, then please post that you need assistance with your character. 

*If you DO still have access to your character sheet, please post them in your signature.  Thanks.
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Sheets in my sig
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Please give me more time to catch up with the sheet...
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I lost my sheet, and realized I don't know my rolls. I know my Int was 16 and I'm pretty sure my Dex was 18, but I don't recall much else. Don't recall my starting gold either, I think it was around 150, but that's not as important since I don't need to buy armor or weapons and stuff.
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Nacesh is in the same boat. For now, give yourself a +10 stat bonus because I remember Nacesh had the highest bonus at +13 and Mardak had the lowest at +8. Each of you neatly fit into that +8 to +13 range. Just try to keep it realistic. I remember no one had two 18's. So an 18 dex and int of 16 = +7 Now you have +3 points to split between your other 4 stats.

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Ok, that'll work, thanks.
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If your sig included some of your stats (mine didn't) his may help:
- go to bingj.com (couldn't find cached pages in google... I know where they were a decade ago but no longer there)
- search e.g. for "plothook.net jonath"
- click the small green dropdown icon to the right from the urls found
- click "cached page"
Note: it doesn't really work for me right now... maybe our proxy playing fools with me... they keep changing the rules without notice.
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Never thought you'd say 'YAY Myth-Weavers!!!'
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Ok, sorry for taking so long, but I finally got my character sheet transferred over. Luckily I found a "scratch pad" excel file I had made that helped me reconstruct - it didn't have everything on it, but it did have my original stat rolls (just the numbers, not placed, so I redistributed them, I think the same way, but I don't recall exactly), and my skills point distribution and equipment. Thoise last two were nice, because they probably would have taken me the longest to re-do.

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I will most likely be starting up the game tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug 4th) so please try to have your character completed.

There haven't been any replies to my player ad so I will either NPC a character or figure out some kind of magic you can use that will help with the healing.
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