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Missing Caravan
When last we played, it was the next day.  The weather was a little cooler than normal but the sky was clear.
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A sickly looking Betimi leads Beast out to the road and awaits the party to get themselves sorted out.

She can't help but give a silent chuckle, stifling an outright giggle, when Mardak yells his "Tally ho"
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Continuing ahead, he can't help but smile at Betimi's stifled giggles. It was a nice sound he concludes to himself. Hopes he can hear it again someday.

He takes off his hat and waves to everyone to "Hurry up!"
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It's realy hard for him to stand and wait for the others, so he places his hat back on and wanders up beside Betimi and Beast

Failing to notice Beast's sex, he says with some mirth.

"Good morning Ladies. At least one of you are bright eyed and bushy tailed!" He winks to Betimi. He would have pet Beast but the last time it wanted to eat him.
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"Manners," the sorcerer-spearman notes under his nose, joining the others on the road. Seems he needed quite some time to pack up his simple tent. A man of crossbows and spears maybe but not hammers and pitons.
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"Good morning, Mr. Nacesh," she says, looking back to where Merrick and Selina were busily tearing down their camp. "Did you see what's holding the others up? Perhaps we should help them get packed?"
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He looks to them both, back and forth then he realizes that being given the cold shoulder was the way things were when it came to him and all the women on this continent thus far.

He clears his throat "Righto!! Then let's get a move on!! We don't have all day." He heads off towards the town.
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Merrick and Selena gets their things repacked.  He then motions toward the critters tied together to a tree and says, "So what are we going to do with these buggers?"
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"Guess we should see if any speak a language other than yip"
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"I know a little bit of the Draconic these creatures speak," Merrick replies. "Is there any among us who is fluent?"

[OoC: I believe Nacesh spoke Draconic too]
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