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Waiting on a reply from GM Marvel on Betimi's 'special purchase' but once that is done she will throw what she has left to recharging the wand of Cure Light.
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I say we should spend equal shares on charging the CLW wand but not so much. The Eternal Bandage can heal up to 22 hp a day if used cleverly, equal to 4 CLWs (if the wand is CL1) so CLWs are probably kept for emergency. Anyway, 615gp total is 102.5gp for every member.
This leaves Naces 2727.48 shekels worth of share.
I'm thinking about how to up his ranged touch potential: attack bonus, overcoming spell resistance, or increased CL (just in case it would not overlap with what I already have for fire and cold) but found nothing in this price range so far.
I'm contemplating simple things like Bracers of Armor, Amulet of Natural Armor, or a Cloak of Charisma. A lesser Wand of Metamagic may come handy, too. However, for now, I think I will just have some charges to the wand of missiles to be reloaded (say, 15 5 charges for 225gp since it is CL3; I'll mark this on my sheet.
That leaves 2500gp from my share, marking it on my sheet. (I'd like to keep the art objects and gems except the black opal worth 1000gp and only a few coins)
If it's OK for the party I can carry the bandage. We *must* declare its whereabouts just in case it matters in combat situation. So record it on my sheet as well, marked as party wealth.

Apparently my inventory is empty so maybe I should buy mundane stuff from scratch (some rp relevance; Nacesh likes nice and tidy so it's enough of an excuse to replace a torn-smudgy-icky backpack).
A question before I recreate my full item list; what is the weight of coins once again? 50 in a pound?
What about the fiscal belt? do its pockets count as extradimensional space? Can we store those 11k++ coins inside without having to be considered about weight?
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Betimi will purchase

Her special item from Simon = 1600 gp
masterwork chitin armour commission = 225 gp
Her share of replenishing the wand of Cure light = 102.5 gp
Hand of the Mage = 450 gp

== 2380.5gp
Leaving her with 2829.98-2380.5 == 449.48.

With that she will take mostly platinum.

She will also request that Tomreal carry the Bag of Holing Type 1.. since the 57 lbs. worth of extras that she had Tomreal carrying around already could then go in it without making her worry regarding the extra weight. The 15lb.s would be too much for her to carry.

I also recommend someone 'purchas ' the everburning torch.. It is something you light dwellers need, and unfair to make Betimi buy it when she is the one that can see without it
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Sure, if topic is brought up Nacesh is willing to sacrifice the price of an everburning torch on the alter of party benefit (110gp reduced from personal share)
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Selina's total gold share: 2829.98
Selina's purchases:

Ring of Protection +1 from group stores. (1000gp)
Greatsword (50gp)
Full Plate (1500gp)

Remainder towards recharging CLW and MM wands: 279.98gp
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1)  Unless I'm mistaken, the Everburning Torch is a found item so Nacesh only needs to pay the group what they would get for selling the Torch which is 55 gp's not 110 gp's.  The 110 gp's is the cost of purchasing a new torch.

2)  Each charge of a 1st Level Wand of Cure Light Wounds cost 15 gp's.  

3)  It will take 2 days for Simon to create Betimi's special item.

4)  Remember that a Heward's Handy Haversack is one of the best items in the game for adventurers.  Travel Cloaks are also pretty useful too.

5)  There are 50 coins to a Pound.

6)  Finding any +1 item including +1 studded leather (Gilley) is very easy.

6)  The Money Changers Belt:  This normal-seeming pouch is actually a strongly magicked item which can contain up to 300 lbs. in 30 specially constructed pockets within the belt. Each pocket, in turn, holds a maximum of 10 lbs., or one cubic foot of volume of a specific type of coin, whichever is reached first.  This device also enables the possessor to call forth a specific type of coin and the proper pouch will open that contains that type of coin.  The belt also has the power to convert any currency found in any of its pouches into an equal value of another type of coin which is also found in the belt.  So if device had at least 1gp in one of its pouches and 1pp inside another pouch, on command it would convert every 10gp's into 1pp and back again.  If there is not enough space in a pouch the extra coin will either be moved to another pouch if room is available or the device will stop working until space is made for the change in currency.  Placing more than one type of coin in a pouch causes the belt's money changing properties to cease functioning.  Multiple pouches may contain the same type of currency. 
These items are similar to bags of holding and portable holes, and the strictures about placement within such magical spaces apply fully. The pouch weighs 1 lb. empty and 4 lbs. when filled.

[OoC: I think that's all the questions.  If you have more questions or I missed one please feel free to ask. ]
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Betimi woul;d like to carry the Money Changer's Pouch, but only because for her it is superior to the bag of holding and lets her carry all her own current items rather than passing them off to Tomreal/Bag of Holding. Does anyone have any objection, it is a very useful item to anyone that carries it.
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Is Betimi free to roam while Simon works or does she need to be present?
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(08-02-2017, 01:16 AM)Betimi Wrote: Is Betimi free to roam while Simon works or does she need to be present?

I believe Simon can take a sample of tissue and blood from you for your project.  Then you should be able to move around town.
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(08-02-2017, 01:19 AM)GM Marvel Wrote:
(08-02-2017, 01:16 AM)Betimi Wrote: Is Betimi free to roam while Simon works or does she need to be present?

I believe Simon can take a sample of tissue and blood from you for your project.  Then you should be able to move around town.

K, given that, bound to naberius as she is, she will rapidly heal any ability damage, then she wil;l definitely volunteer such a sample. (She is somewhat used to this sort of probing/study, though usually it is less 'gentle' than Simon is even capable of)
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