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OoC thread
Weren't they silvered gloves or something?
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Please remember to give me permission to view your sheet.

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Are Kobolds small? I ask because I don't know if Mardak gets a +4 on his intimidate check or not.
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Yes they are small. I dont have the rules in front of me but it might be difficult to intimidate someone who doesn't have the faintest clue what you're saying.

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All three skills (Diplomacy, Bluff and Intimidate) require all three of the following:

1) You can intelligibly communicate with whatever it is you’re using these skills on.

2) The creature your communicating with is intelligent enough to understand you.

3) You have the time required to use the skills. Which is usually 1 minute.


4) These skills don't bend or warp reality or negate common sense. Smaug is not going to give you his treasure no matter how awesome your Skill DC rank; Zeus is not giving you his bag of Thunderbolts; Nor is the big bad evil guy going to give up his world conquests and take up basket weaving. Of course if you beat them to near death they might be willing to listen to reason if it means they get something out of it, namely their life.
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Well if you ask me cracking knuckles does count as "intelligibly communicate".
I believe there's even a paragraph or two on how to use alternative ways of using skills and the example is the low charisma orc bending an iron bar in front of the crowd to be intimidated without a word (or a groan).

But I'll post IC soon and make use of Mardak's point (him posturing as the bad cop)
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I was reading off the SRD and there isn't an example but there might be one in the book. I have no problem with you helping him. You can even try to roll an Aid other check of DC:10 to help offset any penalties. Even if he did crack his knuckles and scowl for a minute, the kobolds will think he's pissed off and dangerous. But what does he want?

Mardak: Grrr grrr grrr...

Kobolds: Ok... you're obviously pissed off. What do you want from us?

Mardak: Grr grr crack.

Kobolds: ???

As far as using a negative charisma to gain a bonus, it's not suppose to happen. A penalty is a penalty. He can use his Strength to bend the bar to try to intimidate.
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Yes it's exactly what I meant. Nacesh acting as a translator: "Grr grr crack" means "I like kobold tenderloin for supper."
And using str bonus for intimidate in place of charisma penalty.
For aiding another in good cop - bad cop scene... how about me rolling diplomacy and Mardak rolling intimidate? If I roll better but his check is also >10 then he aids me. Otherwise I aid him Either diplomacy or intimidate would prevail; the end result may differ but probably not in the case of mere kobolds...

Speaking of which; where do we roll them bones? I don't mind if you take your d20 and do good old-fashioned tabletop rolls in our place.
From my side; it's Diplomacy +6. Or Intimidate +4; whichever you find appropriate.
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Use this roller. It saves your results so the DM can check on your rolls. You don't need to register.

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All I remember was silvery white gloves.. they did not detect as magic according to Nacesh.. but looked valuable
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