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OoC thread
Betimi needs her Mardak fix Big Grin
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(07-23-2015, 09:19 AM)GM Marvel Wrote: I'm not sure what was in the Kobold's Treasure so I will have to reroll what they had.

Personal equipment:

5 small spears
4 small suits of leather
5 small slings

Treasure Found:

86 gp

1289 sp
1089 cp


  1. Golden Yellow Topaz (350 gp)
  2. Peridot (50 gp)
  • 4 vials liquid that have Antitoxin scribed on the sided of the bottle

Wow the message got messed up... what5 about the gloves. I didn't forget them.
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Betimi and I are RICH!!!!
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What, short man doesn't get a share?
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Hehe oops. Too much of that Kender background in Mardak I guess...yeah that's the ticket Big Grin

Of course you get a share Smile
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I have posted in the Game advertisement thread that we are looking for 1 or 2 characters. The first hopefully will be a priest of some kind. The second a warrior type to help Mardak with being the Tank/meat shield. Unfortunately, not many people like playing a priest which doesn't make sense because they are one of the most powerful classes in the game.

Anyways, who is still here? I see Mardak and Betimi have their sheets. I was waiting on Jonath and Nacesh to produce their sheets too. Are they finished yet?
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No shares anyone until we'll have paid for the charter.
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Sheet mostly finished. Haven't I added it to my sig? Oops.

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sig test
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