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OoC thread
Please post, OoC stuff here.  Thanks
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Bear? What bear? B-)

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The bear happened on Betimi's and Jonath's watch. A bear sniffed out Marrick's herbs and spices and got curious. So it sauntered into the camp and was about to start tearing open the Barbarian's tent when Betimi started yelling at it to scare it off. Jonath had not replied yet so I NPC'ed him to do the same. Merrick used a handle animal check which with the help of the yelling, helped make the bear decide your camp wasn't worth the trouble.

So xp for the bear and xp for not running in there and killing him for just being curious. Smile
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So are we only missing Selena and Merrick (cleric and barbarian)? Anyone know of a way to contact them to let them know the game is continuing here?
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I don't know how to contact them. I usually refuse email notifications so I can't go through my email for clues.
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I'm trying to remember who was playing the characters. I think DM Xerin was playing Merrick but I'm not sure who was playing Selena. Anyone remember?
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Dougfan maybe?
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That sounds familiar.

Nice new avatar. I'm terrible with just names so it's nice that your character finally has a pic!
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Going away for the weekend, probably won't be able to post.
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Hey guys, I'm still here. I've just been waiting to see if Selena or Marrick is going to show up. I'm on vacation starting tomorrow so if I don't hear from them by then, I'm just going to RP them the best I can until we get replacements, or get back to the City.
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