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Read First! Forum Requests
a légpárnásom tele van angolnákkal ! - See Monty Python's Dirty Hungarian Phrase Book Wink
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Use whatever language you bloody well want. It isn't offensive or anything to use something other than English, so knock yourself out.

Tölgybuckai kalandok (DM Surranó)
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Hey Succi! Got another request hon.

D&D 5th.
Army of the Damned
In the realm of Innistrad, darkness and death lurk around every corner. A group of adventurers on a simple mission soon discover something sinister.
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Army of the Damned (ST GammaBear)

All set!
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Hoody hoo, I've rallied enough players to start something!

Category: D&D 3.5
Title: City of Shadows
Description: At the heart of a tragic western kingdom is star-crossed Istivin, a city haunted by demonic pacts, devious dark elves, and worse.

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So I was on and I spotted your request. Normally I stick to the tech stuff but thought I could help out.

City of Shadows (GM Mastermind)

CeCe let me know if I messed something up.
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Everything looks good from here. Thanks, Minty!
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Garçon! Your finest forum, if you please!

Genre: Mythender
Title: Mythic Norden
Description: Part game, PART LEGEND.
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Mythic Norden (GM Mastermind )

Should be good to go!
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I would like to start a Hungarian game (the second after DM Surrano's game):

System: Pathfinder
Languege: Hungarian
Title: Runelordok ébredése
Description: This is the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path
Applicants for playing 'til this time:
- @DM Surranó
- @DM Hael
- @DM Sunfire
- @Keyador

 Interest thread: http://forums.rpgaddicts.com/showthread.php?tid=211
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