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Read First! Forum Requests
If you would like to have a new game forum created: Please read this entire post and the other stickies in this forum!

1. Make an Advertisement/Interest thread in this forum. Consider making a DM thread in the GM News Feed forum to tell players about yourself and your posting schedule.

 ** If you need a DM/GM/ST prefix on your main account, please contact Succubus of Dooom or DM Spiral. 

2. Find at least 3 players for your game and start the pre-game discussion in your Interest thread. This to discuss would be character creation, use of House Rules, where to access character sheets, dice rolling preferences, posting expectations, etc. 

3. Please post a reply to this thread with your DM Account and the following information:

Genre (Or Ruleset System: DnD+Version, d20 Modern, Mutants and Masterminds, etc)
Brief Description

For Example:

{Genre} - d20 System 
{Title} - The Darkest Hour
{Brief Description} - A group of teenagers from a small town find out there is not only more to themselves, but the town they live in, and the Universal history they are apart of. 

After an Admin or Moderator creates the campaign forum, he/she will post a response here to link you with the game's URL.

Sub-forums: After 90 days of continuous in-character play, your campaign will be eligible for up to three sub-forums to further organize threads.
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Genre D&D 3.5
Title Keeper of the Seven Keys
Brief Description Dungeon crawl for nonevil characters scaling up from 7th to 13th level

Interest thread created. This is a game resumed from PH. Players where we left off:
- @Nerdred / @Lugar Bargrimm (confirmed interest)
- @Hael / @Silent Giant (confirmed interest)
- @Man in Black / @Merrinna Starsong (no response yet)[/b]
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Done and Done! http://forums.rpgaddicts.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=68
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If I hadn't a beautiful wife I'd probably rush up to you and kiss you on the cheek! Thanks Smile
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Oh Mistress Succi, I humbly request 1) Adding ST to my name, and 2) A forum for my game. Thanks!

Adenture on the high seas!
The seas of Golarion are unforgiving and require and equally unforgiving crew. Do you have what it takes to make a name for yourself? Can you carve out your own fortune and fame, or will you fall to the pressure and become fish food?
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Adventure on the high seas (ST Gammabear)

All set!
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Requesting Game Forum!

Game Name: The Craft of War
System: A hybrid of M&M and diceless so... freeform mostly?

I have two players and I might have a third. Im gonna run it even with the two, Saint and Neo.
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The Craft of War (The Allie Baby)

Let me know if you need any help with any features.
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(09-02-2015, 11:59 PM)Succubus Wrote: The Craft of War (The Allie Baby)

Let me know if you need any help with any features.

These boards are a little different so I prolly will so... Thanks and...

[Image: 2D1.gif?5787]
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Please create a new forum to pick up where we left off when PH went down...

{Genre} - PathFinder
{Title} - Tölgybuckai kalandok (HUN)
{Brief Description} - A small assembly of random adventurers faced a twisty situation in a small town full of surprises. Are all elves thieves? Goblins benefactors? Kobolds friends? And... apple trees... menacing?

Note: This game is in Hungarian. If the new site's preference is to host English games only then please hold on... I will discuss with the players if they are willing to switch to English.
I don't plan to create an interest thread as this is an established game... and assume not too many of us here speak Hungarian Smile

Thanks in advance,
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