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Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread
Johnny's Emotion Control isn't particularly high-level at this point (yet), but it would be hard for someone with Typical Intuition to resist, yeah. What I'm trying to RP a bit is his lack of control over Empathy. I have been RPing it as the ability to experience all sorts of emotions from everyone nearby, but being unable to control their effects on him. So, unless everyone around him feels exactly the same the whole time (not physically possible with teens and females Tongue ), he reacts to all the myriad emotions with pain. I'm looking for different ways of RPing that though because I wasn't sure how "Typical" Empathy should be RP'd as.
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(12-11-2016, 07:31 PM)Johnny Blair Wrote: Hey Aurum...who's that over there and why isn't anyone else reacting to her?

Sorry. Other Johnny. The one that is now bonded to Aurum.

Winged Johnny might be able to sense Demi's emotions, since she's not bothering to hide them.
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Hey everyone, it's coming up to year end at work so there's a lot of paperwork, training and filing which needs to be done.  I'm also taking extra holiday time (3 weeks instead of 1.5 weeks   Cool  ) which means there's a bit more of a scramble.  The good news is, I just work Monday and Tuesday then I'm done until Jan 4th!  Big Grin  On top of that I've been having a bit of computer problems.  I thought buying a new mouse would fix the problem but that didn't work.  Since my PC is around 10 years old I just decided to go buy a new computer from a store that I trusted but it seems their honesty isn't what it use to be so I basically purchased a glorified paperweight.  I should have known better and I will be returning it very soon!  Dodgy

I really appreciate everyone's patients.  I'll be posting more regularly in a few days.
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Best laid plans... Confused  

I ended up slipping and falling on ice which hurt my back so I needed to stay in bed for a few days.  I don't post much on the weekends anyways but yeah... That's what I've been doing.  But feeling much better.  

Welp, on to posting!
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Glad you are feeling better!
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Thank you.  I already have degenerative disc disease as well as bad joints from the waist down.  Even a sudden slip where I catch myself and don't land on my ass can make the back pain much worse.  This fall happened outside a supermarket and was pretty bad.  My shoe literally flew off my foot about 15'!  I'm actually pretty lucky because I could have spent all my holidays in bed instead of just a few days.
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I'm sorry for my absence. Work and RL has been hectic.  I will post something either tonight from work or in the morning when I get home.  I know the Marvel game has been particularly slow but I hope that will get better once posting gets going again.
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No worries. Been going through a slew of **** myself Wink
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This is gonna sound really dumb but... between Porsche, Katrina, and James we have our own disco band.  Earth Wind and Fire Just thought I'd share that with everybody  Big Grin
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lol good thing all the characters are too young to remember disco ;P
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