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Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread
Tubby McBlowhard

That's not offensive at all...Tongue
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The Violinist referringto your scariest power
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All good names, many laughsWink I will have to ponder these suggestions. Tubby McZyphir the Violentus... That sounds grandiose
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The Lord of the Wind-Breakers Wink
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Seeing as posting has slowed down, I will be moving to the next day either tonight while at work or when I get home tomorrow morning.  So if you have anything you would like to add, please do.

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Sorry. Sinus infection kept me in bed for too many days.
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Peeks out...
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I'm sorry for my slow posting.  We have an extra client at work that is requiring more of my attention.  Also we got this awesome new wheelchair ramp put in last April/May that is made out of some kind of Plastic material.  Unfortunately management must not have asked about how slippery it can get when we have a bit of morning frost.  I've slipped 3 times on that ramp and though I was able to catch myself from completely wiping out, the sudden jolt was enough to do something to my right hip.  Every time I tried to sit or bend it felt like knife was sliding into the back of my right hip.  It almost felt like I had cracked something.  The pain is finally going away but for a few days I could only sit at the computer for short periods before I had to go lay down.
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I'm curious, are there any lasting effects to Johnny's emotion control power? Since James was affected by it, does he know, or is there a residual affect?
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There wouldn't be any lasting effects.  Until James finds out what powers Johnny has he wouldn't have any reason to suspect anything.  Even if you did know that Johnny has Emotion Control you wouldn't necessarily know he used the power on you but you could make an educated guess.  For example, if Johnny told James to go steal a computer for him, afterward James would likely realize that stealing computers isn't something he would do.  But if Johnny asked you to go to the movies with him then it is less likely you would suspect he had put the whammy on you.

This could get Johnny into trouble.  For example, recently a student accused the mentalists in the group of mind controlling him even though there wasn't any evidence.  It was even more ridiculous because only Professor X (and maybe Psylocke) has mind control powers and they obviously wouldn't have used the power on him.  But a teen with Emotion control powers could get blamed for all sorts of mischief.  

I should also mention, that just like with Aurum's Telepathy, if someone has a high enough stat to resist then Johnny won't get any emotions from them unless he actively tries and even then it might not be possible.  Some people are disciplined enough with their thoughts that a casual scan won't pick up anything.  For Aurum I've said anyone with a Typical Psyche or lower is auto-scanned.  Empathy isn't as intrusive as Telepathy so I'm not going to worry too much about it because it's all about roleplaying.  But keep in mind that Empathy works like Telepathy.  It is very difficult to scan anyone who is +1cs higher in Intuition (Empathy) or Psyche (Telepathy) and requires a RED feat roll.  Anyone +2cs higher than your rank is pretty much impossible.
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