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Marvel Super Hero's OoC Thread
Cool. RL first.
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James, I think the Asian woman is Psylocke. She spent a fair amount of time as a member of the X-man team.
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Cool find of the day.

Generation X is a made-for-TV film directed by Jack Sholder, which aired on FOX on February 20, 1996. It is based on the Marvel Comics comic-book series Generation X, a spin-off of the X-Men franchise.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2woRmWMhm0 (full movie)
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Holy 80s-style camp, Batman!
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Mid-90s made-for-TV budget. it's actually pretty good considering that.
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To avoid becoming repetitive, for Johnny Blair: Kat, until recently, was the youngest kid at the school (now Malcolm is). She is also on the shy side, and has severe self-esteem issues. As a result, people have been volunteering her for leadership roles, and that makes her feel awkward and kinda scared she's going to mess up. She was bullied and teased a lot before coming to Xavier's.

Also, Sebastian is in love with her, which is a new development, and she feels very compassionate about his situation (because it kinda sucks), but the feelings are not yet reciprocated because she barely knows him.

Just some things to keep in mind when Johnny is interacting with her.
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Cool. But Johnny doesn't know much about anyone, so this is all just a cloud of teenage angst to him, which will be difficult for him to deal with. He's not your average jock. Or cool, popular kid. He used to be a bit of a geek until his emotion control started reacting subconsciously.

EDIT: Also, called it. Psylocke.
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I need a good super hero name for James Carter. His main power is that he blows really hard.... Any ideas? Keep your minds out of the gutter pls Smile so far all I got is:

The Wind
The Windy Guy
Wind man
Mr. Air
The Big Bad Wolf
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Puff Daddy!
Puffy McPuffen Stuff

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