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Mythweaver Character Sheet Questions
A bit of a structural issue there. I had to go make sure I was in the right account, firstly. All the sheets I thought existed no longer do.

So. First issue:

How do I share editor permissions with my DM?

Firstly, under "Sheets" create Sheet via the drop down box in My Library or on the Sheets page. Be sure to pick the right system and if you want the sheet public. Most often, you do want the sheet to be public.

Secondly, in the far right corner of the sheet itself you will see "Share," click it.
  [Image: 7g9VhSjh.jpg]

Thirdly, Click the button for adding a Mythweaver account. You will type in the account you want to share with and select the permissions, Editor or Viewer.
  [Image: u5sVQaQm.jpg]

When completed, the sheet permissions page should look like the image above!
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I noticed all the old sheets are under old sheets on the site. So they are likely still there just moved.
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Yeah, I didn't understand where to access them. I didn't try very hard though. Oh well. They have a very odd structure to the site.
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I am not sure why they updated it that way, it seems very strange to me as well.
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I thought I had read about them eventually planning on phasing out the old sheet format. They just want to give people a chance to change their old sheets from the old to the new format.

I could be wrong about that, thought. It is morning, and I seem to be having memories of things that didn't happen lately.
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