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Missing any FAQ?
Please take a look through the FAQ. They are under the "More" dropdown at the top right of the page. 

Let me know if I'm missing anything that should be covered.

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If they have a space you have to put quotes around their full name like this,  @"First Last"
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Thanks Spiral! Your fix worked (with the quotes) ! I think it will help to add this info about quotes to the FAQ.

Oh, another FAQ thing. The dice roller site in there seems like it's gone. I used the one another person in the game used (called unseen servant instead of invisible castle) so that probably needs updated in the FAQ ?
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OH, yea. Succubus put up a front page announcement for that, but the FAQ does still need to be updated. I'll remind her. There are a few sites you can use. unseen servant is okay, Then there is the one I like to use. http://orokos.com/
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@ Dannalyse "Mentions" which is the @tag for our alert system is listed at the very bottom of our FAQ. http://forums.rpgaddicts.com/misc.php?ac...elp&hid=27

Is the information not very clear in that FAQ item? If so, I'll try to rewrite it so it is. Thanks!
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