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AD&D I6 Ravenloft
I'm thinking either a Fighter/cleric or a Fighter/ Magic User.  Leaning more toward The Fighter/Cleric because I haven't created a Cleric on the site yet.
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Multi class in 1st ed SUCKS reminder
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I was thinking cleric who hunts undead
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(11-27-2017, 01:37 AM)Keylan Wrote: I was thinking cleric who hunts undead

If you really want to play a Cleric then I won't.  It's better to have a single classed cleric for Ravenloft than a dual classed cleric cuz you would have better access to spells and turning.
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I have a couple of questions...

I seem to remember an experience bonus of 10% for a prime ability of 16 or higher.  Do we add that onto the 35,001xps or are we all starting at the same xps regardless of experience bonus?

What rolling system are we using?  Please don't say 3d6; six times.   Confused  when I was looking through Unearthed Arcana I saw a alternative rolling system.  It lets you roll 9d6 for the most important class ability and then takes away a die for the next most important and so on until you're left with 3d6 with the least important ability.  Or did you have a point buy that you wanted to use for more equal characters.
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Found this....


It talks about the various rolling methods.
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Roll 4d6 keeping the best three. If you get the bonus for high stats, add it in.

Multi-class is better in 1e than 2e. You get all the bennies, few of the slaps. Fighter/magic-user gets weapons and armor. Can't remember exactly how proficiencies work. I think you just get however many from the best class, not both.

I wanted to have a thread up by now, but life has been busy and tiring. I'll make it happen soon.
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i would love to play a cavalier or paladin in this setting. Mostly cuz the huge target on my back factor lol.. But i will roll stats and see what my options are based off the rolls then..

on unseen serveant the syntax for rolling 4d6 keeping 3 is [4d6k3]

Stat 1 [4d6k3] = 16
Stat 2 [4d6k3] = 13
Stat 3 [4d6k3] = 12
Stat 4 [4d6k3] = 9
Stat 5 [4d6k3] = 14
Stat 6 [4d6k3] = 9

So neither a paladin or cavalier, I will have to think if i want to go the demi-human multiclass route or the human route. 16, 14, 13, 12, 9, 9 are pretty decent stats though. Not as good as they'd be in 3.5 or parthfinder, but not bad.
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At least you currently don't have any negative modifiers.  And one of your stats is high enough to give you 10% bonus xp.

I'm afraid to roll.  I suck at rolling stats. It's why I like the point buy system.  Confused
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Welp... here we go...

Stat 1: [4d6k3] = 11
Stat 2: [4d6k3] = 13
Stat 3: [4d6k3] = 12
Stat 4: [4d6k3] = 12
Stat 5: [4d6k3] = 11
Stat 6: [4d6k3] = 14

Well in 3.5 it wouldn't be too bad cuz it would work out to an overall +5 stat modifier.  But in Ad&d the good news is I don't have any penalties but the bad news is there aren't any bonuses either.   Undecided
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