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Pathfinder: Company of Stalwart Adventurers - Anova Chapter
Should be interesting to see what drew a shabti from the outer planes to the Prime Material, and to Anova in particularer awakening.

This is one of the reasons i prefer to start the campaign at 2nd level, it allows players to wrirte a little adventure into their backstory and still have it seem plausible.

Enough story to say what led you to this point, and be needing tio seek adventure.

Creating the campaign threads now, we can move this conversation over to the Character Creation Thread.
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Since i gave up the class to another player in the AD&D game, i think i want to play a priest of some kind.  Ive always wanted to play a Cleric that was really good with the bow but unfortunately i believe the feat to make it work only exists in 3.5 not in Pathfinder.  On the other hand since there is a Paladin to help with healing perhaps I might make a mystic theurge.  And unless I find something that jumps out at me I usually just play a human.
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Oh and what about background skills?
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Yes to background skills. Ty for the reminder

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Character creation conversation moved to the Character Creation Thread
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I am interested in PF game.
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C'mon over to the character creation thread @DM Hael. You are more than welcome

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I'm coming too if there is a free slot for me.
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That'll make 5 players, so yes, welcome to the fold
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