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[IC] Chapter 2-5: You're whirling 'round...
OOC @Merri - haste and fatigue cancel each other's mods unless I'm mistaken and elves are unaffected by hunger and thirst...
OOC @Lugar - thanks for the instant healing on behalf of the Community Insects Anonymous.
OOC @Shanna - Your spell may look like a color spray but unless the mantis knows what it's supposed to be and that it is supposed to be stunned it won't do the charm.

The mantis feels the pain from the adamantine morningstar (NB -1 att/dam due to -2 str included?)
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Nope. Big Grin
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Shanna glares at the pair of surprisingly strong-willed insects and, in a display of frustration, cinches her robe a little bit tighter around her.  Then she re-collects her wand, points it at a space not far from the insects but not on top of them, and flicks it, summoning a Huge-sized Eastern Giant Hornet into being.

[[Silent Image to summon the figment of a Giant Hornet. As per this page, the Giant Hornet is one of the few insects consistently deadly to a praying mantis.]]
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Third Round

Lugar swiftly attacks, swinging the mithril axe to bite into the giant bugs armor. On his first swing he blinks out just as he was about to connect! Blinking back into reality he follows up with a second attack. The critters legs tremble in reaction to the thunderous crash through its armor! but stays up and kicking.

Shanna manifests the image of a giant hornet and the insects chitter in shock!
The mantis feels the pain from the adamantine morningstar! However, the second blow bounces off the tough natural armor. Regardless, that mantis is barely standing now!

Merri (pinned) is up!
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(I'm hasted so my AC is 21 so I shouldn't be pinned. Right?)
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(Wrong. You are fatigued, your dex is down to 16, so your AC is 20 with haste, right?)

Tapatalkkal küldve az én ALE-L21 eszközömről
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