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[IC] Chapter 2-5: You're whirling 'round...
Merri moves with speed and grace as she continues to work on the praying mantis.

miss 20% [1d100] = 84

attack; damage [1d20+8] = 7+8 = 15 [2d6+2] = 9+2 = 11
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(01-11-2018, 08:34 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC @Silent Giant- That's correct. If you would've mentioned that you started blinking at the last intersection you could've certainly done so because you're faster than Lugar so you could've caught up with him with a one-round run. (since he was running). Updated your roll20 hp to reflect MW and sig. (79/86 now)
OOC @Lugar - is your buckler currently equipped? it's irrelevant this round but may be relevant in the next one...

Caught in the horrible claws of the horse-sized insect, Giant wriggles around, and due to his martial prowess, he manages to pierce three deep wounds on the chitinous hide!
The other mantis flies in to meet Lugar who wields no more than a hand crossbow!  (AC39, crit confirm AC25, 15hp)
The mantis grabs the dwarf with its raptorial front legs! (Lugar, roll opposed grapple check against 26 to avoid) but fails to bite him (regardless of grapple results; AC13)

Party time! (Boo+Toot, then next round: Merri, Lugar, Shanna, Torin. You may switch places in init order if you wish.
Note to Merri: you and the mantis are currently in shadowy illumination (due to low light vision); thus, 20% concealment miss chance applies. Good news is that you can take a 5-foot step to reach both insects Smile )
[url=Grapple [1d20+7] = 12+7 = 19]Grapple[/url]  Yes, Lugar is wearing the buckler.  His AC is still 20 with fatigue and haste.
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So now it's official that Lugar is indeed grappled.
Merri's second slash opens another gash on the chitinous hide. (OOC - please make sure the exact properties of your weapon are reflected by your sheet. Your Google Docs sheet is considered as "master", right?)

Toot+Boo, then Shanna, Lugar, Torin are up!
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"Idjits!  Me told them that mantis going to attack when we try to escape?  Good thing dragon not chasing us.  Maybe next time they listen to Toot's wisdom!  Probably not, though..."   

Toot taps Boo with his tiny heels to start the bear moving in a straight direction.  The doodid thought about shooting at one of the mantis but that would have an equal chance of hitting friend or foe.  Toot could jump off Boo and run at the Mantis, (who likely couldn't use an AoO while grappling) but the tiny Jermlaine would hardly do any damage to the Large creature.  The only options were Wild shape or spell.  Finally, Toot reaches over his shoulder and into his Haversack and summons a Rod to his hand [Move Action].  Then he starts to do a little chant while holding onto his Mistletoe.

[Action: Casts Extended Greater Magic Fang on Boo; All his natural weapons are now +1; Duration: 16 hours; Share Spell if I can. ]
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Ooc iirc share spells is for range personal only but got it.

I believe Lugar, Shanna, and Torin are still up?

Tapatalkkal küldve az én ALE-L21 eszközömről
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"Whooooaa!" Lugar yells as he is hauled up by the giant bug.  Not wanting to become bug food, Lugar will activate his ring of blinking (standard action) as soon as he can.  If he gets free he will drop the crossbow and tumble to flank the Mantis with Merri then quickdraw his mithril axe.  "Grrrr." Lugar growls. 

[url=tumble [1d20+6] = 19+6 = 25]Tumble[/url]
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[[Ok...here's my question: if I cast silent image on both mantis, will it also affect SG?]]
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[OoC: Just a reminder that Toot is carrying the stone he cast light on back at the Forcecage.  I can't see the map right now but I think Merri won't have any miss penalties any more.
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[color=#666699] OOC @Lugar - I really like this combination of actions and whoa you rolled high enough to move through enemy square! alas, while blinking your speed is 15 and tumble halves that speed while the far side is 10ft away... so you may
- tumble out of grapple, but only next to Merri; or
- you may attempt to escape the grapple as a std action and tumble to the far side without blinking.
(either case, you can keep your tumble roll)
There's one thing that would make sense, though. Does anyone know of a rule to activate command word items as part of a regular move (let alone tumble)? ANSWERS TO OOC THREAD PLS
OOC @Shanna Rendin - Yes, everyone able to see would see it. Silent Image is a figment, and affects everyone perceiving it. Actually I can't even see any indication that the caster would be exempt or would automatically succeed in a saving throw.
OOC @Toot - reviewed Share Spells and it works! GMF affects both of you! The personal spells is a different thing: allows you to affect Boo instead of yourself

(finishing first round ...)

Toot raves about how idjits the companions are, then taps Boo with tiny jermlaine heels to start the bear moving in a straight direction. Toot reaches over his shoulder and into his Haversack, summons a Rod to his hand [Move Action], then starts to do a little chant while holding onto the Mistletoe. As a result, all the jermlaine's claws and teeth start to glow with a sickly moss green light! Boo's claws and teeth follow suit.
As they approach the light source they carry enable Merri and Shanna to see the combatants clearly! (no miss chance anymore)

Second Round

19 - Merri... (I was lulled into the false sensation that she's already resolved her second round but I can't find it now)
18 - Lugar ... (see above)
18 - Shanna ... (see above)
17 - Torin...
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[[Here's my idea: Shanna casts Silent Image on the mantis. Assuming they're close enough together, she's going to summon the figments of two large barrels and fit them over the insects' heads and upper bodies. If the mantis fail their will checks to disbelieve, they will be blind AND grappled. Am I correct in that?]]
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