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[IC] Chapter 2-5: You're whirling 'round...
OOC - SG couldn't ready yet because he was flat-footed at 13.99 (due to fatigue...).
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(01-10-2018, 02:56 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC Merri - the map is scaled 1sq=10ft, that's why your avatars are so small.
OOC Toot - Chart a path is something I don't know, would welcome a brief howto in OOC thread.

Shanna casts her spell and Lugar, Giant, Merri feel an urge coursing through their veins!
Torin moves closer.

The mantis to the right of the path leaps airborne, straight towards Giant!
(Lugar can make his readied attack since he can now see the insect)
Unless Lugar manages to incapacitate the insect (using poison I guess, please remind me of Fort DC)  the mantis slashes a nasty gush on the flat-footed ranger's face (AC27, -7hp) upon landing.
It tries to eat the half-orc! (Giant, roll opposed grapple check against the insect's check of 25)
Even if it holds, though, it fails to bite him, the horrible mandibles screeching terribly on the magical chain shirt. (AC12)

Giant's up! (if you failed the opposed grapple check above then you are now grappled and held in the creature's space)

Ooc - Would Lugar get two attacks because of Shanna's Haste spell?  Also, would these count as sneak attacks because Lugar readied an attack?

 - Lugar's Drow poison DC is 15, Initial is unconsciousness / Secondary 1 minute later is 2d4 hours unconsciousness.  Poison

Lugar unleashes his readied attack against the big green mantis. (attack 16, damage 4 + poison, sneak attack 13)
If haste applies. He quickly grabs his other crossbow and fires a second shot at the creature, if it didn't collapse from the poison or he missed. (attack 23, damage 3 + poison, sneak attack 13)
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OOC - no, haste adds +1 attack only for FULL attack action but you can't ready a full attack, only a std action. The sneak is an interesting question, similar to the Myshnue situation: if you ready to act upon an opponent's action, do you catch the opponent flat-footed? I think I ruled "no" (the opponent already did a "free action" like looking at you intently that made you realise its intents) and thus no sneak attack. But AC15 is a hit! (-1 due to fatigue). Unfortunately, the mantis is unaffected by the poison!

So it's up to Giant now who's dragged into the mantis' space.
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13.02 - Giant attacks his opponent

First attack - AC:15, dmg:7 (5roll+14-4penalty-1fatigued+1haste)
Second attack - AC:18, dmg:9 instead of 6 (13roll+14-4penalty-1fatigued+1haste-5second)
Haste attack - AC:21, dmg:8 (11roll+14-4penalty-1fatigued+1haste)

Attack Your Opponent
You can make an attack with an unarmed strike, natural weapon, or light weapon against another character you are grappling. You take a -4 penalty on such attacks.
Armor Spikes
You can have spikes added to your armor, which allow you to deal extra piercing damage (see Table: Weapons) on a successful grapple attack. The spikes count as a martial weapon. If you are not proficient with them, you take a -4 penalty on grapple checks when you try to use them. You can also make a regular melee attack (or off-hand attack) with the spikes, and they count as a light weapon in this case. (You can’t also make an attack with armor spikes if you have already made an attack with another off-hand weapon, and vice versa.)
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Ooc - SG aren't you still blinking? Can it even grapple you? #142I think SG has been blinking for two months now hehehe Tongue
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OOC - He would like to do it but DM didn't allowed. He must reactivate it every 7 rounds. Last time he used it when we met Zelgadis. The player forgot to reactivate it when we started the retreat. Sad
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OOC @Silent Giant- That's correct. If you would've mentioned that you started blinking at the last intersection you could've certainly done so because you're faster than Lugar so you could've caught up with him with a one-round run. (since he was running). Updated your roll20 hp to reflect MW and sig. (79/86 now)
OOC @Lugar - is your buckler currently equipped? it's irrelevant this round but may be relevant in the next one...

Caught in the horrible claws of the horse-sized insect, Giant wriggles around, and due to his martial prowess, he manages to pierce three deep wounds on the chitinous hide!
The other mantis flies in to meet Lugar who wields no more than a hand crossbow! (AC39, crit confirm AC25, 15hp)
The mantis grabs the dwarf with its raptorial front legs! (Lugar, roll opposed grapple check against 26 to avoid) but fails to bite him (regardless of grapple results; AC13)

Party time! (Boo+Toot, then next round: Merri, Lugar, Shanna, Torin. You may switch places in init order if you wish.
Note to Merri: you and the mantis are currently in shadowy illumination (due to low light vision); thus, 20% concealment miss chance applies. Good news is that you can take a 5-foot step to reach both insects Smile )
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OOC - His int is 6, so there is a chance to forgot it Smile SG [1d20-2] = 14-2 = 12 int check
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Orc or Duergar? Tough decision. Well, the orc was probably in his element, but the duergar wasn't much of a stand-up fighter. She moves in and engages the mantis currently chewing on Lugar.

(Can we use the rolls already rolled? I don't understand why I have a miss chance for low light when I have low light vision. Can you enlighten me? )

[1d100] = 71 miss chance
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OOC - You are in the 40-80 feet area from the continual flame (that provides 40ft shadowy illumination) so your location counts as darkness for humans (total concealment + can't take 5-ft step) but shadowy illumination for you. So your low-light vision improved conditions from total concealment to plain concealment, fair enough?

Merri's first attack (AC17) hits! She has one more attack left due to haste.
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