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[IC] Chapter 2-5: You're whirling 'round...
Lugar thanks Toot for the berry. (Mmm Gushers!) His head swimming with delicious fruity flavor.  Now that his throat wasn't as parched and hunger didn't pain him as much he felt well enough to speak more. "I do not feel good about leaving Zelgadis behind.  The noise I heard earlier, didn't sound good."  He says this while looking east/left to where they haven't gone.  Lugar thinks the noise could've come from over there but he wasn't sure.
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Toot Wrote:Toot will move with the others toward where the noise came from but of course not taking the lead.

[Survival +9; Result 21]

[OoC: Lugar rolled poorly for his Survival check but Toot rolled a 21.  Does he know more about the direction of the the stranger or where the noise came from?]
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Toot has not heard the noise in the first place. Following Boo's sign the doodid knows the direction relative to Boo's initial position but not the distance that would be needed to tell the direction now.
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"If we can't find him here maybe we will find him on the way out."
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"Let's go, dude. Lead us."
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The party proceed towards the entrance they entered the circle, keeping same distance everywhere but before reaching the next crossing Giant spots the two giant mantis on either side of the path. Lugar is apparently unaware of their presence.
It seems that to pass between them you have to be no more than 10 feet away from one or the other. Luckily, the two dark-seeing warriors in front are still about 40ft away from the giant insects when Giant spot them.

Roll for initiative!
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Lugar's Init = 19
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Stop, dude! Two mantis!

Init: 14
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[1d20+4] = 16+4 = 20

(Sorry. Got caught up with life.)
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Since rest of the team are lagging behind, let's begin!

It's Lugar's and Giant's turn. Remember that though Lugar reacted fast, he can't see the camouflaged creatures at the moment.
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