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[IC] Chapter 2-5: You're whirling 'round...
(08-16-2017, 01:08 PM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC @Merrinna Starsong - please remind me, which spell?

As Giant rolls a fist-sized stone into the circle it disappears in a flash of eerie greenish light! Or does it? Hard to tell since there are some rocks of the same size and smaller around the place where he rolled his own.

Aham! As I have thought. Witchcraft! - he looks back and waits for some explanation

OOC - my ooc opinion is we should teleport into the labyrinth and at the center of labyrinth is the dragon's lair (treasure). Or is it an acid like disintegrate? Smile
Shanna thinks that entering the rings may lead to a pocket dimension; similar to Mistletoe's oak.
Shanna's grin widens as this new information enters her conscious thoughts.  You sneaky bastard...

She looks up at Silent Giant, still grinning.  "It's a pocket dimension, much like the oak tree.  My supposition is that movements are scrambled while in the ring, and we will only advance based on a very specific set of characteristics."
Hm, hm, hm... So we have a dragon in a pocket. A pocket-dragon, he-he-he. 
Can you pick up and/or close this magic pocket? I prefer to avoid the fight with the green dragon if it is possible.
Shanna chuckles.  "More of a pocket-within-a-pocket dragon.  So 'tis a Redundancy Dragon. It's doubtful we could manage anything of that sort short of physically manipulating the ring. I doubt you wish to try that."
(08-16-2017, 05:51 PM)Shanna Rendin Wrote: Shanna chuckles.  "More of a pocket-within-a-pocket dragon.  So 'tis a Redundancy Dragon.  It's doubtful we could manage anything of that sort short of physically manipulating the ring.  I doubt you wish to try that."

Yeah?? - he scratches his nasty tongue - Yeah. It's your turn now. - he steps back
Shanna thinks it over for a few moments, then gets an idea.  "Do you have a needle?  Or a dagger or something else you wouldn't mind parting with?  I have an idea about this, but I'd rather not rush in full-force without thinking it through first."
A needle? No. But here is a fishhook.
Shanna takes the fishhook with a nod.  "Good enough."  She takes some rope from her haversack, ties one end to the loop of the fishhook and then looks at the ring in thought, orienting it in her mind as she comes around to approach it from the South.  "If we surmise that entering the ring will allow us to enter the pocket dimension, we can equally surmise that objects within the dimension act in a similar fashion to how they were upon entering.  In other words, if they enter from the South, they will move to the North.  My hope is that any object that enters the ring can be pulled from it.  This would allow someone or something to test the little maze out, then get pulled back if something...untoward happened.  Do you follow?"

Without waiting for a reply, Shanna tosses the roped fishhook at the mushroom ring, staring intently to see what happens.
OOC - that's "some" rope that you can tie around a fishing hook. Or is it a whale-sized hook? Smile but I like the direction where it goes so let's play pretend...

Shanna tosses the hook, keeping hold of the rope, and the hook flies, just to disappear in a flash as it passes above the first ring. The rope seems to be severed at the ring's outer perimeter, its end lazily lying on the ground.

"Look!" Lugar exclaims, pointing at the end of the rope, and Torin can see it as well.
The rope is not severed-- the part inside the ring is simply shrunk into the thickness of a shoelace. The several feet of rope has turned into a few inches of shoelace. Whether there's a fishing hook at the end is rather hard to tell without leaning very, very close.
The two arcane casters stand dumbfounded but Torin recognises the effect; seems to be the equivalent of Shrink Item.

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