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[IC] Chapter 2-5: You're whirling 'round...
OOC - just realised that Toot and Boo don't have darkvision (both of them have low light vision), and with his darkvision Lugar shouldn't have said any colours. So what kind of (dim) light does Toot muster to avoid stumbling?
OOC2 - IIRC someone took Maul's goggles, but who was it? Portho offered them to the team but I couldn't find any references that anyone would've taken the opportunity. Until further notice I'll assume the party's only person without dark/low light vision (Shanna) took it.

Lugar nods,
"See that fatty batch on the edge? Beyond, the big one with serrated edges."
OOC - showed the direction Lugar points at but I leave it to Toot to figure out which square to target exactly (Faerie fire is an area effect, to my biggest surprise... I'll give you a token with a 5' radius area and you can move it to its designated place.
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[OoC: In the past, Toot has used the dagger he got from the female Doodid that has continual flame cast upon the tip of the blade.  Toot stuck the blade into the bottom of a scroll tube so he could open up the cap to have a sort of flash light.  Then the scroll tube would be either be given to one of the women or tucked under one of Boo's harness straps so Toot didn't have to personally carry the "flashlight."  If brightness is an issue, the light can be pointed at the ground or another option could be for Toot to simply cover or partially cover the end of the tube with a cloth.  If Boo is carrying the light, Toot will be keeping the light so it is no brighter than 5' to 10' radius.  Which would allow Toot to see 10' to 20' (or 20 to 40' shadowy).  The idea is to just be able to spot Lugar and SG at the edge of the shadowy illumination.]

Toot listens to Lugar's nonsensical description and wonders if it's Lugar giving him directions or it's SG.  "What," Toot hisses quietly.  "Fatty batch?  Serrated edged?"  Toot squints his beady eyes at Lugar in confusion and whispers, "How many feet away from you?"
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((Hey guys. Just wanted you to know that I've been struggling here about to post, and I apologize. You keep a fairly strong, rapid pace to your posting and I don't like impeding it. I have a game of my own that I'm DMing along with a few others that I'm participating in as a player, plus I have work 8 hours a day and a night class. I'm not using this as an excuse, just explaining why RL is killing me right now.))
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OOC - OK, just wanted to be sure that Toot uses the "flashlight".

Lugar lets out a frustrated growl.
"Hell knows feet, want me to count my steps? Maybe thirty-five."

Toot can't see anything Lugar is talking about but he'll actually be able to "blindly" aim at the specified spot unless something is in the way. Toot can see the roughly constant density of mushrooms closest to them and thinks there's a decent chance that there will be some hole to serve as the faerie fire's line of effect.

(OOC: "An otherwise solid barrier with a hole of at least 1 square foot through it does not block a spell’s line of effect." While I would say it's the perspective viewport (i.e. flatten space into a canvas) that should have such a 1 square foot "hole" on it let's not split hairs and say that as long as all entities in the vegetation are less than 4ft diameter across then the spell can always find its way (even if it means zig-zagging within the squares that make up the path for the line of effect)
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(09-13-2017, 01:47 AM)Toot Wrote: Toot moves to about 30' away from the orc and dwarf so he is beside Merri.  Both Toot and Boo will continue to actively listen and looking around trying to notice anything out of the ordinary.  

"Me have Faerie Fire wand," Toot whispers.  "Maybe me should make creature easier to see.  What you think?"

Torin remains behind because his armor is too noisy. He nods to Toot: 

Good idea, if you want my mount could bring your light much closer which will helps you to aim your spell much preciser.
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[OoC:  I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I can't seem to quote multiple posts any more.   Confused ]

(09-14-2017, 07:42 AM)DM Surranó Wrote: OOC - OK, just wanted to be sure that Toot uses the "flashlight".

Lugar lets out a frustrated growl.
"Hell knows feet, want me to count my steps? Maybe thirty-five."

"So you telling Toot," Toot hisses.  "That the mining experts of the world aren't able to comprehend the standard unit of measurement?  Did Lugar sniff a bad gas leak while he live underground?"  

When Torin speaks up, Toot nods and whispers, "Toot thanks dorf.  Me no want Boo or Toot to carry around big spotlight that enemies could follow back to Toot or Boo to blow us to bits." Big Grin  Toot quickly and happily hands the "flashlight" to Torin to attach to his pony.  [Move Action]  Then summon his Faerie Fire Wand from his Handy Haver Sack. [Move Action]

Toot will then move 30(ish)' and guess where Torin was pointing and squeaks, "Glowy" Hoping to catch the creature.
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Torin does was Toot asked him and starts the pony forward.
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OOC - what Lugar meant was not, like, "hell knows [what] feet [are]", more like, "hell knows [how many] feet" but it's funnier this way Smile
OOC2 - @Torin please mark the location of the pony.
OOC3 - @Toot please note the expended charge on your sheet.
OOC4 - no need to enter turn based mode yet but feel free to do so. Keep in mind that the faerie fire lasts 1 minute.

"I did smell jermlaine fart," Lugar retorts as he retracts his hand crossbows, loaded with tiny bolts. "but you haven't smelled duergar fart or you'd be dead"

(a bit later) Toot helps Torin fasten the "flashlight" to the pony then moves to a convenient spot and invokes the power of the wand, squeaking "Glowy!"

Pale purple light flashes at the designated spot and the faerie flames surround a huge insect, now clearly visible to Giant, Toot, and Boo as well! (those who have closed in on the group may also roll spot checks vs DC14. If you fail the pretend you don't know what's there Smile )
Toot immediately recognises the insect as a praying mantis and Lugar did not exaggerate, it's indeed large as a horse, at least eight feet long (Toot guesses maybe ten), could easily catch one of those warrior ants for snacks. Toot has certainly heard of giant insects but this one is larger than he's ever imagined, save maybe the stag beetle, king of giant beetles.

There the mantis sits, confident in its camouflage, in spite of the pale purple flames continuously licking around its body. Apparently it has absolutely no idea what's going on.
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Why do not go we forward? Do you want to recruit an insect army against the dragon?
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OoC - The pony is just behind of the arrowhead please move her token.
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