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(Info Thread) New Crobuzon & the World Beyond
This thread is information for players about the Capital City of New Crobuzon and the World Beyond.

Maps of Regions around the City of New Crobuzon...
[Image: baslagmap.jpg]

Map of Region around New Crobuzon...
[Image: screen-shot-2014-02-26-at-10-55-56-pm.png]

Even Larger Map of the Rohagi Continent...
[Image: map_of_china_mieville_s_bas_lag_by_hedri...7ieu4c.png]

City Maps of New Crobuzon...
New Crobuzon City Map (Black and White)
[Image: crobuzon.gif]

New Crobuzon Railway Map...
[Image: original.gif]

The File Attachment is of the Brock Marsh area.  I've added the following points of interest to the map...
*Blue Heart is Simon's Lab
*Red Star is Perdido Street Station.  (Magistrate's Office)
*Yellow diamond is the Armor/Weapon Smith Shop

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The Elementarii:

Core Class:

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Core Class:

Information to come.
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Core Class:

Information to come.
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A 5 level Prestige Class:

Information to come.

A Biothaumaturge (sometimes called a Chirugeon,) is a specialist  capable of manipulating living flesh to an extent well beyond the capabilities of other practitioners.  Most notably, the Biothaumaturge is well versed in the art of splicing and manipulating bodily appendages and forms - a key component of Remaking.
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A 5 level prestige class:

Information to come.

A Chromathaumaturge is a specialist who delves deeply into the study of light and a thaumaturgical applications.
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