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Into the Fire
As the Bandits emerged from prisoner intake, Nova kept silent — but her gaze was clear and focused. Before they were ushered into the receiving area of the cell blocks, Nova readied herself. As soon as the gates opened and the rebels were slowly shuffled toward and past two tiers of cells, Nova's dark eyes darted back and forth, capturing what she could of each passing prisoner's face.

Everyone seemed to be jeering at them... but she made special note of anyone that wasn't. She looked for prisoners who said nothing. She looked for postures that held back, that seemed in control. In particular, her eyes sought out prisoners who appeared... serene — people who looked the way Nova had read and always imagined a Jedi would.

Nova searches for prisoners whose appearance or behavior might suggest their being a Jedi.

Once they were locked away, Nova noticed Rahullu immediately begin inspecting their cell... like a good solider. She guessed that DS was probably doing the same, and she hoped that Jendu was passing this latest test of his mettle as well as he had the ones prior. The Wookiee went about his work dutifully, tactically, but not without cracking wise. Nova smiled. Maybe she was rubbing off on him after all. "Ha. Next time, I'll see if I can get us a repeat-offender discount." 

She turned to see Rahullu checking the bunks, and for any scrawled words on the walls. "I do know standard Imperial telecommunication signals and protocols, in case of emergency or when without usual com-scan capabilities. And yeah, it could prove to be of use in here."

Then, she saw that Corrand was stirring. It was the most active she'd seen the Balosar since before he had become so stricken with illness. She tried to see if she could glean anything about his current condition. "Hey Radar, how ya holdin' up over there?"

Nova tries to see if she can tell anything about Corrand's condition.
PERCEPTION [4d6] = 8
OOC: Gave him a nickname already... because of the antennae! ;-)

Hopefully, there was no relapse. Then again, maybe having a suddenly "sick" comrade — at just the right time, once the Jedi was in tow — would help punch their eventual ticket out of this cage....
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[OoC clarifying, are we in one holding cell together? Or each in separate cells?]
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Nova scans as many faces as she can before being shoved into a cell. Nobody really sticks out right now. The few that weren't actively playing peanut gallery looked more depressed than serene. She notices that Corrand is walking better. The giant hemorrhoid from the space hepes must finally be receding. It will be a long time before he hits on any of those hot Quarren chicks.

Corrand recognizes much of the security measures as pretty standard jail stuff. The outer door to the cell block requires a code cylinder and a handprint in case someone else gets a hold of the cylinder. A minimal control panel is outside each cell for emergencies. Everyhing else was likely run from an unknown control room. Cameras were everywhere, covered by plasteel boxes to prevent tampering. (Corrand will need his own account for in-character posts. You'll also need to post your sheets in the thread with everyone elses'.)

The cell contains 2 bunks and a toilet. It's obviously not meant to hold this many people so hopefully it's temporary. There's a fair amount of graffiti on the walls. Most of it consists of disparaging remarks about the guards or statements meant to besmirch the reputation of some unfortunate females. Most of it is fairly old. All of it is apparently useless.

Tiktuk attempts to work the electronic locks of the cell but can't quite grasp it. It may take some time meditating on it or getting a first hand look of the actual compnents.

(Everyone is together.)
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Rahullu, finshes his tour of the cell saying "aarrragghuuhw huurh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh aaaaahnr aarrragghuuhw huurh huuguughghg awwgggghhh wrrhw aaaaahnr aguhwwgggghhh uughghhhgh huurh uughghhhgh uughghhhgh hnnnhrrhhh raaaaaahhgh uggguh raaaaaahhgh aaaaahnr huuguughghg" Then unless someone stops him he sits down against the wall and tries to rest.
well not much of use in here, unless someone has an idea im getting some shuteye, perhaps more oppertunietyes will come later.

occ: any idea of the local time also what waterial is the toilet, walls and bunks what type of door is it? Any cameras inside the cell?
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Tiktuk continues her meditations, she knows the spirits in far off lands can be fickle and the songs of the machines here are geared to keep people in but she was working with a door and thus its own nature was simply to open and close, she would help it do so.

She is spending time to continue her force assisted security check to basically bypass the pad entirely. If you want a tech roll to see if i know what I am doing I will supply that third.

[2d6] = 9 Sense
[2d6] = 5 Alter

[4d6] = 18 Mechanically Picking the lock, Aka Knowledge
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'Karst' shrugs watching 'Rog' check the cell.

When Rog is done Karst just nods, and says "I'll take the top bunk."

Ignoring any protest from the others jumps up and sprawls out on the top bunk.

Everyone knows this is a bit out of character for the hardened Trooper, but perhaps it is in character for 'Karst'.
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Rahullu looks throught half closed eyes at the ex trooper or rather karst as he clibs up thats militaty always take sleep when you have a chanse. whispering to himself aarrragghuuhw uuh raaaaaahhgh uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh raaaaaahhgh uughghhhgh huurh wrrhwrwwhw" then his thoughts go blank, but as he falls asleep he dreams sees himself fighting guard after guard always beeing overpowerd in the end ending up with a meeting tourture droid. He wakes up shivering with a growl. thinking mabye this wasent so good idea to volenter for this assigment after all. He tries to go back to sleep resting more peacefully this time
"at least i have not gotten a beating yet, could be worse"
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Nova turned in time to see Veir climb atop the top bunk, and to find Rahullu already sleeping — though fitfully, at least at first. She envied their ability to rest. Her mind always raced, contending with dreams, nightmares, and imagined possibilities all too often.

While Jendu had kept quiet, Corrand seemed to be appraising how well under lock and key they were. Tiktuk too appeared to be deep in thought, perhaps concentrating on communing with spirits that could see what they could not?

Nova stared down the long hall and laughed. Their mission might likewise prove to be a long haul. But the Bandits would succeed. Nova knew they would.

She tried to keep track of any guards she saw, noting how many there were, as well as when and where their patrols took them.
Nova sighed and leaned against their cell door with one hand — while the other drifted to where her blaster would have been....
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[Before the Capture...]

Jendu listens to the conversations going on around him while continuing to familiarize himself with the ship's controls.  When asked what he wanted his Alias to be, Jendu thinks about it for a few moments and decides on something easy to remember. 

"Tibbs," Jendu replies to Garlen.  "It was a nickname for someone I knew in my childhood.  He would always find himself up to his neck in trouble but some how he would get out of it unscathed.  Hopefully I can draw upon some of that luck during this mission."

When asked if anyone else had another plan, Jendu mulls it over and suggests, "Well, if we could figure out a way to split ourselves up into groups that might have different kinds of access to the facility.  How many of us do we need to just hanging around inside a holding cell waiting for moments when we can mingle with the other inmates to tactfully ask about a Jedi?  So I was wondering if only a few of us could act like prisoners.  Then while they are placed with the inmates, the others could be placed elsewhere in the facility where they might be able to gather information from a different location.  For example, we have a sick crewman.  While the rest of us are captured, he could be moved to the infirmary to get better.  When he gets a chance he could have a look around.  Maybe the Jedi is sedated in the infirmary-- we don't know.  Or someone could play a captured Senator or someone important that you smugglers were going to use for ransom.  If it works they might be able to speak with the warden and peek around the offices.  It's just an idea..."  He then glances back at his notes.

[During the capture...] 

Jendu keeps quiet.  He watches and listens very closely to what everyone was doing and saying.  Hoping to sense anything that might stand out to him that might help later on.  Like perhaps one of the guards being a little more open to manipulation. [See OoC below]

[After the capture...]

Jendu lets the soldiers in the group do their thing while he watches the other prisoners for anyone who seems out of place.  While in the senate, he found that he was quite good at reading his opponents and figuring out what they really wanted.  Almost like he was reading their mind or something.  It was one of the reasons why he was asked to become a junior senator and unknown to him, one of the reasons why his mentor wanted to find a way to get rid of him.  

[OoC:  Jendu doesn't know that it isn't intuition that makes him so good at reading people.  It's actually his untrained Receptive Telepathy.  If he can, he will be trying to "read" the other prisoners in an attempt to try to figure out if the Jedi is hiding among the inmates.
Force Skill: Sense 3d6.  If I'm allowed a preparation bonus Jendu will use that as well for a total of 4d6.  The DC is 5 plus modifiers for proximity and relationship.  I didn't roll because I don't know how many times I have to roll or if it will even work.]
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As "Tibbs" began to appraise the other prisoners as well, Nova turned to look for any windows to the outside world, however barred or narrow.

Were there any telltale traits to the gas giant hovering above? Had there been anything identifiable about the glimpses they'd caught of the barren planetary surface, between the brief but labored gulps of air from their breath masks? And though she knew their Jedi would likely have long abandoned any spacefaring relic of the Republic or his religious order, she sought out any recognizable craft amid the collection of junkers and starship wreckage outside that might link their target to his past.

And as she looked, she listened. Were there conversations audible from neighboring cells? And were there clues in their curses and whispered words?

Searching the landscape and the graveyard of starships, if visible.

Listening for any coherent clues to cull from the conversations or ramblings of other inmates?
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