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Into the Fire
Garlen quickly makes a good show of attempting to hide the contraband cargo, fully expecting he will be only halfway when teh security forces cut their way into the ship.

"Tell them we are having a technical issue with the ramp, or something. Make something up, it doesn't even have to be plausible."

He starts opening hatches to any 'hidden' space and haphazardly stuffing the contraband weapon boxes in. in.

His blaster ready in its holster, already set to stun.
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Rahallu passes his tactics check. These guys aren't known for their restraint. If someone comes out shooting, they'll be happy to oblige. And they don't set for stun.
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(07-07-2017, 08:50 AM)Man in Black Wrote: Rahallu passes his tactics check.  These guys aren't known for their restraint.  If someone comes out shooting, they'll be happy to oblige.  And they don't set for stun.

Rahullu looks at Nova and says. "uughghhhgh uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh aaahnruh awwgggghhh huurh huuguughghg hnnnhrrhhh aguhwwgggghhh wrrhwrwwhw huurh huuguughghg uughguughhhghghghhhgh uuh
These guys mean buisness, and will shoot to kill just so you know, mabya a more passive resitance is in order?" 

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"Hey, it's a party." Nova confidently descended the boarding ramp, while listening to the Wookiee's warning.
Then she pointed to the armed guard farthest from her, way in the back. "Bring all your friends.... Oh wait."

Nova put her hands on her hips and smiled. "You already have." She turned her attention to the port authority officer.

"I'm Mina Harker, captain of this innocent trading vessel. And this — "
She made a broad sweeping gesture, prominently indicating Rahullu. " — is my harmless crew."

"I have the cargo manifest right here. Foodstuffs and um, livestock." She held out a datapad...
with a credit chip very obviously jutting out from underneath it. "Everything should be in order."
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As Nova goes out of the ship so does Rahullu making sure he can cover her if needed.  He stands close to Nova waiting for the shit to hit the fan.  Rahullu smiles as he is called harmless. Looking for possible cover vantagepoints for sniper fire and siezing up the opponents weapons, armor and how combat capable they look.

occ:  Search:[4d6] = 14
Tactics: [3d6+1] = 10+1 = 11
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Peeks out one of her many air holes to watch just in case they need her assistance.
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The officer seems more than happy to take the datapad and the credits. His grin is less than happy to look on, though. "Arrest them all. Smuggling and bribery." The troopers point their rifles menacingly at the crew near the door. "Hands up!" Two keep them covered while the rest storm the ship to take down any more crew. Everyone is herded into a corner where they are searched and cuffed. There they wait on their knees while a scanning crew heads into the ship. They come out awhile later with the Jawa and smiles of satisfaction of finding the weapons cache. None of them seem interested in what she had to say. The last thing they hear from the officer before being tossed in a hlding cell is "your ship will be confiscated to pay for your defense and related court fees as well as the costs of your incarceration."

After a few hours of waiting in a windowless cell, the rebels are escorted to the windowless hold of a ship. There they are forced to sit and wait until they arrive at their destination. At least there is food, poor as it is, and the credit account they had to sign for to get it was under aliases soon to be ditched.

After a lengthy trip, which could of been hours but felt like days, the ship finally lands at the prison. A handfull of no-nonsense guards leads the crew from the landing bay to a pressure door. Each person is given an old, crusty respirator that they have to hold up to their faces. The smell is less than pleasant. The door opens up to a barren surface dimly lit by the reflection of a gas giant. The thin atmosphere is chilling, but at least the gravity is close to normal. As they walk from the landing area to a large cluster of buildings, they see a lot full of old ships. Most no longer look spaceworthy.

Inside, they are all stripped, disinfected, scanned, and handed back their clothes, now moist and reeking of disinfectants. Except the Jawa. She, like the Wookie, is scanned at arm's length. One with a look of fear, the other a look of disgust. They are then ushered into a receiving area with two levels of cell blocks on either side. The other inmates jeer at them from their cells as the rebels are escorted into an empty cell and locked away. During this whole process, nobody says anything to them other than some form of 'shut up.'
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Rahullu shrugs "uughguughhhghghghhhgh aarrragghuuhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh uuh huuguughghg uughghhhgh huuguughghg huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh huurh aaaaahnr wuuh huuguughghg uughguughhhghghghhhgh wrrhw aaaaahnr raaaaaahhgh huurh uughguughhhghghghhhgh huurh huurh raaaaaahhgh uughghhhgh raaaaaahhgh aarrragghuuhw uggguh hnnnhrrhhh aaahnruh aarrragghuuhw aaaaahnr aguhwwgggghhh awwgggghhh wrrhwrwwhw huuguughghg Rahullu then proceeds to examine the whole cell, the bunks (if there are any for anything of use) even old graffiti, that might prove usable to know the powerconstalltions in this prison.

Search:[4d6] = 13 + double time: [1d6] = 1 =14

What a woundrfull  resort you have gottne us into Boss, you shoul call in advance an  make reservations next time, Okay. Well they did a number on us all right, knifes are gone and everything.  I have and idea Boss you know morsecode right? Try to send a message to the others see if they pick up. Is this place where you work or just wait and rot? We need intel occ: guess it would be under com/scan e.i mech
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Tiktuk sits on her bunk and looks at the wall near the activation pad. She sets her hands on her lap seemingly relaxing. She slowly sinks into a type of trance and then attempts to enter the spirit world and sing a new song to the locking mechanism controlling her door.

She tries to flip the electric switch in the door to turn off the field.
[2d6] = 3 Sense
[2d6] = 7 Alter
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Corrand the Balosar was still recovering from his time being under the weather. He was unable to help with fast talking the guards or forging passorders, but maybe he could get a little bit of a handle on a possible way out if it became necessary.

((ooc: I have no idea how to roll dice! I'd like to just get an idea of how the security is and start working over in my mind how I'd try to escape if that's what we wind up going with, have Security at 5D. I am also hoping to not be obvious about this because I don't need a beating.))
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