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Into the Fire
A short, broad human gives the newcomers the stink eye. The devaronian next to him turns and looks them all up and down before nodding. "Ok, odds are 3/2 for the purple one. Minimum bet is 100 credits. Welsh on the bet and my cohorts will take it out of your skin. Well? I don't have all day."

Caisy lets out a sigh. "I... I just was lonely and you and your friends seemed, well, mostly normal. I guess I was wrong."
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Rahullu looks at the two fighter trying to evavalue them as he does he makes sure his back is against a wall.
occ: Skill ??
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Korstyn just narrows her eyes, crossing her arms as she looks the Devaronian down.  "Who said I was in a betting mood?"
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(Try tactics)

The devaronian bookie merely grins. "Then enjoy the many other attractions in this fine establishment."
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Nova Wrote:Nova smiled, "Anyway, sorry to sour things between you and Tibbs back there. He's all yours. Not my type anyway."

Jendu's brows knit together at Nova's comment and he replies, "Thanks.  I'm standing right here."

(01-11-2018, 10:34 AM)Man in Black Wrote: Caisy lets out a sigh.  "I...  I just was lonely and you and your friends seemed, well, mostly normal.  I guess I was wrong."

"You weren't wrong," Tibbs blurts out.  "We're in a prison.  It's not easy to trust people you've just met.  I've only been here a short while and I've already been attacked and nearly flattened.  It can make a person a little paranoid.  I'm sorry for whatever it is you think that they did.  They were just being stupid!" He looks at Nova. "Right?"  Then looking back to Caisy, "But  they weren't being purposely stupid.   They are just paranoid like the rest of us.  Like I'm sure you are too.  I personally would like to count you as a friend in this place.  There's not too many people who seem nice, like you seem to be."
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[[Uhhh, Jendu? ...they’re back in their cell.]]
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[OoC:  yes... I thought I was following them.  Unless their cell says, No boys allowed? ]
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occ: we havent rolled in a while and i lost my bookmarks, adress please
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Seeing 'Tibbs' following Caisy and 'Mina' rather than 'Rong' and himself, 'Karst' just shrugs and proceeds into the restroom.

When the bookie asks for them to place bets, and states odds. "Not quite ready to lay creds down on either. I've only seen big purple fight once before, and he lost. I'll watch and get their measure if you don't mind."

He leans back against the wall next to Rong, looking every bit as if he has seen matches like this every day. (or trying to anyway) Con (Perception 2D) [2d6] = 5
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Caisy rolls over suddenly at the sound of Jendu's voice. "I don't know, friends. I'm not even sure what to call you. It seems like you guys are hiding some big secret."

Garlen makes an attempt to appear nonchalant, but doesn't do a very good job of it. Fortunately it seems that most people are more concerned about the pending brawl than what he may be up to.
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