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General chatter that doesn't have any other place.
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Hey MiB if your still in need of players it would be great to revisit this system. My second favorite next to GURPS. I have a couple of Character Ideas but I will wait and find out if ya need me first and see what you already have cooked before making one.
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(05-13-2017, 09:48 AM)Man in Black Wrote:
*TOP SECRET* Alliance Dispatch 501TK421A *TOP SECRET*

ATTENTION:  All currently unassigned Field Agents

An important mission has been declared that could change the fate of the rebellion.  An agent from the Corporate Sector has discoverd a possible Jedi Knight imprisoned in a penal colony under an assumed name.  Having a legendary Jedi in the service of the Alliance would be worth almost any risk.  The mission is extremely dangerous.  Only volunteers will be accepted.  A plan is in place to have a team infiltrate the prison, identify the Jedi, and escape the prison with him.  Volunteers for this mission should report to Dantooine for a full briefing.  

Just pasting this in from MIB's original game advertisement.

MIB, Am glad there will be no midichlorians, but my beloved Rogue One is still "canon" for the game, yes?
And the Alliance Dispatch above is still the game plan, yes? Roughly what year are we in BBY?

Also, Lilycat – good to have another big SWD6 fan -- I think, counting you if you sign on, that's 3 PC's so far that know the system and 2 that are new to it, so far, though only 1 of the 2 new folks has posted in the character creation thread 
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Love to have you Lilycat. Just let me know when you need players for GURPS. Big Grin

I loved Rogue One. I can't leave that out. This story would take place shortly before that. I got the impression that they were still just moving in to Yavin 4 from Dantooine in the movie. That's why I put Dantooine in the report. Can't give you an exact year, though.
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Well looks like we have a wookie wilderness fighter a pilot and mabye a tech/mech guy with fighting experience. I say we could use someone with a high knowlege and or Perc attribute. (young senatorial or noble perhaps)
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How does one go about to change accout name to Rahullu, must i make another accout then link them?
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(05-20-2017, 07:47 PM)noctum_carpe Wrote: How does one go about to change accout name to Rahullu, must i make another accout then link them?

yup. that's exactly it
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Just thought I would share this from my Onedrive if anyone is interested. A form fillable PDF WEG Star Wars Character sheet. I will be inputting my character on one and sharing it in the character sheets thread when i do my character post (as well as the in-forum version.

Character Sheet (blank)- https://1drv.ms/b/s!AjFiKq8nYxnYg4lyZ_9JOQOkHKY-9A
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(05-20-2017, 07:47 PM)Rahullu Wrote: How does one go about to change accout name to Rahullu, must i make another accout then link them?

Looks like someone already hooked you up with a name change.  Typically we have a main account and various character accounts for different games.  The old site most of is came from was the same way.  I'd bet cash money that I had the most characters.  Probably over 200.  At one point while working nights at the jail, I had over a dozen games I was running and twice more as many active characters.  I think I may be a little ADD.  I've run just about every system most people have heard of.  I am truly an addict.  :Big Grin

By the way, I have need of a couple more Cyberpunk 2020 players if anyone is interested.
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My Best friend has a 15 year old Home brew System ya have yet to run MiB! But frankly thats kinda cheating on my part since its still not published, Has a problem with the magic system its still too powerful.

I am going to look over the characters and see whats needed and make one.

Also Thanks for the character sheet !
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