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Effed in the A
Looks to hound shrugs and walks in when gestured to by the guy in the weird hat. Once inside she looks for the bloke in the hat and then walks over to his table watching him as she also scans the bar for possible danger & escape routes.
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Jack nods to Kage in agreement. With no friends to call upon this seemed better than nothing. Jack held his coat tight to his chest and his hand near his pistol. Hopefully this contact who fed him info would have something for them both to go on as well as finding Kage's sister.
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The club is crowded tonight, giving the air an oppressive humidity. Every table is full, and the bar is packed. The dance floor in front of the band looks like a solid mass of half-naked, writhing people. It's a wonder they can even still dance. The bass-heavy group is booming loud and fast with an electronic background. Pretty standard rave music, but the crowd is really into it. The stranger leads the pair through the tables all the way to an empty booth in the corner. He takes one side and gestures for them to take the other. Hound and Kage are still scooting across the bench when a busty waitress shows up to take their order, her breasts barely contained in a low corset. "First one's on me," the man shouts over the noise.

After the waitress leavs with drink orders, the man gets right to business. Leaning in closer, he introduces himself. "Spence Tiller, Metal Era News. You've been duped, but don't feel bad. Asshole has been working this angle successfully for years. With your help, I hope you'll be the last. He's ruthless. The word got out that his contracts amount to slave labor. Nobody would sign with him any more. So he got creative. Brutally so. Kidnapping, extortion, murder. No tactic was too extreme for him. They all sign eventually under duress. He even arranges for people to take the fall to cover for his crimes. People like you. I've been working to expose him for awhile now. This time I got lucky and found you before the police or bounty hunters. If you can help me take him down, I think I can get your names cleared."
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Kage looks at the waitress. "Tea, hot."

She then looks at the man apparently a reporter. Makes a "Thck" sound after his explanation and looks at the cop."
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"Wait a second, is this all about Iron Maddy? The rocker girl over at Racer's bar? We've been set up for a record deal?" Jack sighs heavily. "I guess in this world that makes more sense then it should. So who is this guy that made all this happen?" Jack leans forward on the table hoping to hear better over the pulse pounding music.
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"Even bad rockers can wield a lot of influence. They give that sense of belonging, almost like a cult. Many unscrupulous labels know this and happily milk the herd for all they got. Big Mack is probably the worst. First thing we gotta do is get the police off your backs. We need to find the other band members before they skip town or one of Mack's goons offs them."
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She just stares at hound for a bit before looking back at the reporter when he speaks. then back to Hound. Shes not really following much of this. She is also supressing an urge to stab a knife through the reporters hand and start beating on him till he makes sense to her. but hey she can barely understand his words most of the time. She looks back to hound with a lifted eyebrow as if asking what now.
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Solomon Jack

Walks into the club, trying to control his emotions. This could be his chance, to crack into the next level. He works to hide his nerves as he makes his way up to the bar and orders a drink.

"Spence," he says to the bartender after a few minutes. "Where can I find him?"
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The bartender doesn't even spare him a glance as he gestures towards a corner table with three individuals who don't look like they're here to party with the rest of the crowd.
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(07-27-2017, 09:22 AM)Man in Black Wrote: The bartender doesn't even spare him a glance as he gestures towards a corner table with three individuals who don't look like they're here to party with the rest of the crowd.

Solomon takes his drink and heads over to the table. He looks the group over, but can't tell which one might be Spence... probably not the female,  but these days, who knows?

He tries to keep his voice even and professional as he says, "I'm Solomon. Looking for Spence."
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